Hiawassee City Council: Special Called Meeting, 7/18/17

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Photo: (L-R)
Councilman Kris Berrong, Mayor pro tem Liz Ordiales, City Clerk Cenya Galloway 
Not Pictured: Councilmembers Anne Mitchell and Jay Chastain

HIAWASSEE, GA –  Council members assembled at City Hall on Tuesday evening, July 18, to announce the millage rate for 2018, review the budget, and provide an update on moratorium work.

Liz Ordiales, Hiawassee Mayor pro tem, reported the millage rate will remain at 2.258% which will amount to $165,157.00 if everyone within the city’s limits pays their taxes. Ordiales stated the percentage is “dirt bottom” in comparison to other regions with the exception of Blairsville. Blairsville receives additional revenue from their airport.

The most notable change to the moratorium was the adoption of regulation requiring owners of property under an acre to follow the same rules as those with larger parcels. The height restriction remains at 35 feet and a 10 foot easement is necessary to ensure adequate space for neighboring property lines. The updated moratorium in its entirety will be posted on the City’s website.

The 2017-2018 budget is itemized in detail on the City’s worksheets and proposed as follows:

Hotel/Motel Fund: $60,000.00

SPLOST Fund: $349,000.00

Water Fund: $1,611,300.00

Water Treatment Fund: $810,200.00

Sewer Fund: $785,120.00

Hiawassee City Council meets on the last Monday of each month for work sessions and assembles for regular sessions on the Monday prior. Due to the calendar’s composition, regular sessions fall on the third or fourth week of each month.

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