Gilmer Construction Students Build For Charity


With the Holidays in full swing and everyone preparing for Christmas, the students in Construction class at Gilmer High School are giving not only from their hearts but also with their hands.  The class is overseen by Dennis Wilson and together with Sleep In Heavenly Peace they will be providing 10 sets of bunk beds(20 individual beds) to children in need in our area.

After receiving an email from a friend in South Ga. stating that he was apart of a group building these beds for to be given to the children affected by the hurricane,  Wilson decided that he needed to play a roll in providing beds for the little ones in the area up here.  In talking to the Gilmer Co. CTA, Wilson had the go-ahead to complete this project with the help of his students.  Throughout the year Mr. Wilson’s classes have completed projects for Toys For Tots, Special Olympics, and Special Education need for the school.  Several local businesses and Churches have been very supportive in either donating the supplies or money to assist with items needing to be purchased.   Wilson said” Without the support of Lowe’s, 515 Lumber, Turniptown Baptist Church, Ace Hardware, Dan Chambers, John Morrow, Maria Nieves and all of the Administration of Gilmer High School we couldn’t have committed to this project.

Skip Sevier is the Chapter President for the local Sleep In Heavenly Peace was right in the middle of the students, helping and advising them in the process to ensure a safe bed for the recipients..  Located in Dawsonville, the local chapter is one of three in Georgia with the existence of 117 chapters in 38 other states.  Sevier encouraged everyone to visit their webpage and become involved either a member or by donating so that they can continue to make sure that “No Kid Sleeps On The Floor In Our Town.”  He continued with every bed is delivered with love to the families.  Seeing the smiles on their faces is all the pay they receive.  Everyone is a volunteer and dedicate the time needed to accomplish their mission.   Thank you to the Gilmer High School Construction class and to Sleep In Heavenly Peace for the outstanding job they are doing in making sure every child is able to get off the floor and sleep in a real bed.

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