Rep. Tom Graves Announces Support of Paul Ryan for Speaker


Washington, D.C. – Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) released the following statement in support of Rep. Paul Ryan’s candidacy for Speaker of the House of Representatives:

“Every time I put forward conservative solutions in Congress, Paul Ryan has always been one of the strongest and most vocal supporters. Before regular order was cool on Capitol Hill, Paul and I wrote an op-ed about how important the full appropriations process is for advancing conservative solutions. When I put forward the Transportation Empowerment Act, Paul included its core principles in his budget, and spoke forcefully for it at CPAC. After the House passed my Defund Obamacare Act, Paul and I were appointed as conferees during the government shutdown in which we fought to protect millions of Americans from the harmful effects of the president’s law.”

“Right now, the Republican Party needs unity. Since I was elected in 2010, I can remember no time of total unity – from House Republicans, to conservative talk radio, to the grassroots and outside groups – other than when we rallied behind Paul Ryan’s visionary Path to Prosperity budget plan. His record of fighting for the conservative cause is why Republicans across the country united behind him as our last vice presidential candidate, and it’s why I’m very proud to support Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House.”

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