ACTION NEEDED to save American lives in Georgia

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February 24, 2017
Dear D.A.,
ACTION NEEDED to save American lives in Georgia:
Please take five minutes to help make GBI share information on released criminal aliens with your sheriff!

Dustin Inman Society

*ACTION NEEDED! Four phone calls! HB 452
*Please help us save lives by passing HB 452 in Georgia!
*We only have until Friday, March 3
at midnight to pass the state House.
HB452 is written to require the GBI to share information it is already receiving from the federal government on the release of criminal aliens from federal custody. The information would be shared with all Georgia Sheriffs and posted publicly. That should already be policy. But it isn’t.
In 2015, ICE released 19,723 criminal aliens. Some of them went on to kill Americans. GBI has been receiving this information for at least 18 months. They should share it with the public and with local law enforcement –
like the National Sex Offender website.
→ Your repeated, daily calls should start today and go until final passage or midnight March 3rd.
1) To the office of Georgia House Public Safety Committee Chairman Rep. Alan Powell: “Please pass out HB452.” -> 404.463.3793
2) To your own state House Rep. – are you a co-signer on this public safety bill? If not, why not? Contact info HERE .
3) To Georgia’s Speaker of the House, Rep David Ralston’s office – leave a message “please pass HB452 and save American lives that are being lost to criminal aliens released by the feds into Georgia.”
– 404.656.5020
4) To your own county Sheriff’s office. Ask your sheriff if he thinks he should be getting info on dangerous, criminal aliens that the feds have released into Georgia – ask him to call the above and help us get this bill passed. Contact info HERE.
HB 452 must pass the Georgia House
before March 3, at midnight.
The illegal alien lobby is calling your state Rep right now to kill this bill. The liberal AJC is trying to kill the bill with fake news.
State Rep Jesse Petrea is a hero
for sponsoring this legislation!
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D.A. King

The Dustin Inman Society

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