Multiple churches vandalized in North Georgia

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LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga. – During the evening of Feb. 11 and into the morning hours of Feb. 12, multiple churches were broken into and vandalized along GA 52 West.

Lumpkin County Sheriff Stacy Jarrard shared a press release and stated that it looks as though the vandals didn’t take much, if anything ,out of the churches but manly caused damage to the properties.

“So far we have not found things that was taken I know that we are still investigating that and it looks like mainly vandalism but we will definitely keep trying to figure out who it is that has did this to the churches,” Jarrard said.

Along with the churches, the vandal tried to enter into the gas station at the roundabout that connects GA Hwy. 9 to GA 52 West.

The vandal was unsuccessful with the attempt to enter the gas station as alarms were triggered and the suspect fled.

Jarrard mentioned that similar incidents recently occurred in and around the Dawsonville area so they believe it may be related or possibly the same person.

He pleaded with the community to reach out of they saw anything suspicious and he provided his cell number to contact him with any information on the case, (706)-300-6648.

One of the many churches that was vandalized was Nimblewill Baptist Church.

A churchgoer there said they were only saddened for a moment before they went back to fellowship at the church.

“Whoever you are that broke into our church this morning, just know you only stole our joy for a brief moment and then we prayed for you. I hope whoever you are you hear this child praising Jesus and you hit your knees and call out to him before it’s [too] late!”


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