Gilmer County Election Results for Post 2 Commissioner Run-Off – FINAL

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ELLIJAY, Ga. – Gilmer County’s election polls have closed and results are being tallied in the Probate Court Office of the Gilmer Courthouse. Polls closed at 7:00 p.m. and results are currently being tallied with Gilmer focused on the runoff for its Post 2 Commissioner position.

With only one local race remaining on the ballot. Citizens spent last week on early voting and today at the precinct locations. FYN will be updating this article as the night progresses and new results are collected. When concluded, the article will be updated with “FINAL” in the title.

Until then, county officials are continuing to work to complete the election night proceedings. Judge Scott Chastain has announced the results of early voting in-person and no precincts. Current results are as follows:

Post 2 Commissioner – 4,559 total votes

John Marshall – 3,028 votes / 66 %

Tom Whatley – 1,531 votes / 33 %

Whatley has offered his congratulations to Marshall in the Gilmer County Post 2 Commissioner election. He offered a statement saying, “It was hard fought and I think this county is now awake with regard to what they want for housing. I think the county is awake and going to pay more attention to Planning and Zoning meetings as well as Board of Commissioner meetings. I hope my supporters stay active and engaged. I hope every thing goes well.”

Post 2 Commissioner Elect John Marshall also offered a statement at the end of the night saying, “I am humbled at the outcome and highly grateful to everyone who supported us. Everyone has worked hard and been kind. I look forward to being able to serve the citizens of Gilmer County in the next four years.”

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