Good Shepherd School, Masinagudi


These are all my kids I built everything you see and Moore I even purchased the land well not
really I had much help I was just the startup guy. They all come in as Muslims or Hindu an
become Christians. So far we have been doing it for about 15 years,” thousand are being saved.
God is good “love Him”.Want to help let me know?

I ( Dr.Babu Narendran) became a Christian when I was a student in my teens. It was through reading the
Bible and through reading some Christian literature.Being a Hindu by birth, I had much opposition from
the family even to the extent of being excommunicated for a time.

But by the Lord’s mercy, I was able to sustain all those hardships. After my salvation experience and
water baptism, I found myself in many different denominations to attend the Sunday meetings and I also
involved in active gospel preaching and evangelism with many Christian organizations. Yet something
inside me was longing for the reality of the Body of Christ.

After graduating from the Medical College, as per my desire to serve as a Medical missionary, I chose a
rural village in my own native state, Kerala ( in south India) to work as a Medical Doctor under the
Government. After the working hours I found myself in preaching the gospel to the villagers and conduct
meetings for them. In 1983, Sally and I got married. Sally was born and brought up in a protestant
Christian family and she was saved at the age of 17 in a Sunday School Teacher’s Camp. Sally is also of
the same commitment and commission as Dr.Babu had- to serve the poor and the needy people through
their profession After our wedding, we both worked in a city in two different hospitals and were making a
good living. However, we did not have any satisfaction as we had our vision and commission disturbing
us all the time. Our hearts were out and out for mission fields with people who have not heard even the
name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Good Shepherd School, Masinagudi
Over the years of struggling and labor of faith, Lord enabled us to share the Good News to so many
people in the villages through our medical clinic and through our village medical out-reaches. Seeing the
hundreds of thousands of village children living in poverty, nakedness by being neglected even by their
parents who has no awareness of their own needs, and also by realizing the tremendous potentials in
those children for the future of the lord’s move in this country, we took the step of faith to start this Good
Shepherd School in 2002.
Our Vision / Mission

 VISION: To create a culture of excellence with value based learning. To equip the child with qualities that
would ensure global preparedness.
MISSION: The mission is to provide each student a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment
that promotes self-discipline, motivation and excellence in learning.
Our Goals

Our goals are to encourage children from all strata of life to make choices, taking responsibility for all their
actions, respecting one another, express their ideas creatively, develop critical thinking skills and to
shape students into complete individuals.

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