Short Takes – Mueller, The Dull Dream Goes On



In the name of common sense, end the Mueller travesty that is wasting money, needlessly damaging peoples reputations and unnecessarily using up legislative time needed to pass Trumps plans to Make America Great Again. Mueller isn’t going to do it, Democrats are in disarray and should abandon all hope. Naw! they never will. We always do. 


The Democrats know that too and in desperation of Mueller’s failure to find any crimes to be charged against Trump that would reverse the election results and, in fear of Trump’s dumping Mueller and his probe as a waste of time, they conspired to save Mueller from his just end, termination for cause. 


Mueller’s investigation was, is and remains, a Democrat coup attempt with troubling implications far beyond the politics of the moment, especially the idea of an independent prosecutor.  Where did that Idea come from (we know, blame Nixon) but how did it become a “go to” scenario for leftist politicians to employ when they can’t win with their own arguments?


The problems are apparent and present a danger to our constitutional political system for addressing supposed malfeasance in office. Democrats attempt to hide their intent of throwing a Special Prosecutor of their choosing (Mueller) into the breach to entrap Trump, while totally ignoring the clear and transparent criminality of the Clinton machine. They have termed Mueller an independent “Special Counsel, instead of a Special Prosecutor”, yet, he still prosecutes anyone associated with Trump he can get his hands on.


The biggest problem, of course, is that the Special Counsel or Prosecutor, is gifted powers that could exceed the Chief Executives, if that’s possible, Congress, in their inability to get things done, or want to, have shifted their responsibilities to bureaucrats, even old ones like Mueller, and unelected Judges who make their decisions based the prevailing mood of Liberalism’s demands.


Democrats hated the Special Prosecutor launched against their own rapist and liar, Bill Clinton, but now stand stalwart to make permanent a Special Counsel (Prosecutor) position, presumably to stave off exposure of Liberalism’s failures. They had assumed Hillary Clintons election would have saved their world of corruption but, it exposed it, and yet, Hillary’s still not in the dock. 


The Democrats bill to save Mueller wouldn’t just empower an endless coup effort against Trump, It would create a power shift, and not a good one, because it would allow corrupt political leaders and appointed federal judges to launch permanent investigations against anyone, whenever they would like. Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans could never take a stand against either the Mueller coup effort or the Constitution because it becomes a Constitutional issue. The issue is that our government is composted of only three bodies, not four or, even five, if we include the hysterical forth estate media. 


Democrats, in their deepening delusions still believe Mueller has a chance to make a case against Trump and snatch victory from the jaws of ignominy. That’s why they’ll press on encouraging the impossible, defending the indefensible and losing voters. There is a way and only one way to remove a president: Impeachment, but not by implanted leftovers from a failed previous administration.That is exactly what endorsing the ‘save Mueller’ coup bill would really do. It’s an attack on the Constitution and a slap in the face of voters. Common sense apparently has no place in a dictatorial political climate such as the Democrats want to create. It is our duty to resist the rise of social fascism, every time its surfaces, which today, is always.  

Remember, freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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