Short Takes – In Your Face Racism


I had come to accept that the term “racist” referred to anyone who beats a Progressive (Democrat) in an argument. Chuckie Schumer just change all that. He announced, as Senate minority leader, that he would not vote for white candidate, Marvin Qaattelbaum, submitted for confirmation by Donald Trump, for a DC District Judgeship.

The newly exposed racist Senator Chuckie Schumer (D-NY) said “The nomination of Marvin Quattelbaum speaks to the overall lack of diversity in President Trump’s selections for the federal judiciary.” Schumer added, that Trumps nominee “replaces not one, but two scuttled Obama nominees who were African American.” “Diversity” is not listed in the US Constitution as a guidepost for judicial appointments. That’s only in Schemers clouded Liberal mind. Worse for Schumer, if any black jurist Trump may have nominated were cut from the same cloth as Clarance Thomas, what opposition would Schumer raise then? For Trump to select a white candidate, and not one remaining from an old Obama list, tells us all we need to know about diversity, inclusiveness and multiculturalism. For Democrats, color trumps qualifications.

Chuckie did provide some statistics to support his racism. He reported: “as of February 14th, 83 percent of the President Trump’s confirmed nominees were male, 92 percent were white. That represents the lowest share of non-white candidates in three decades” and, “It’s long past time that the judiciary starts looking a lot more like the America it represents. Having a diversity of views and experiences on the federal bench is necessary for the equal administration of justice.”  So, when will Democrats, in the name of the equal administration of justice, select illegals to sit on the federal bench? Schumer’s really racist comment exposes the pure essence of racism. Naturally, Schumer said he would not be voting for Quattelbaum’s confirmation, Schumer apparently believes it’s only the color of one’s skin (black) that qualifies a person for such a job. Two Americans of African descent were also considered and were found wanting. Clearly Trump put forth his best qualified candidate, that’s how the game is played.

Quattelbaum is an unusual name. It sounds Jewish. That’s no problem, but it does raise another question, is Schumer anti-semitic? Naw, Chuckie’s Jewish too! If that were the case then he would have no platform at all upon which to rant against American processes except it be by the Marxism he embraces. That Schumer raised no other disqualifying concerns about Trump’s selection except that he was white, then this argument is null. That’s in your face racism, out front and ugly. Interestingly, it can as easily be used to disqualify Schumer himself from another term as a NY Senator. Do ya suppose?

What Schumer’s social justice league fails to consider is that racism, even in the name of diversity or inclusiveness, is still racism. Qualifications for one to rise in the judiciary are earned by hard work and years spent in the shadows of political change guided by only one document, the US Constitution, or should be. Those who seek higher judgeships and are installed there by Progressive politicians, as Schumer wants, and insists on deciding issues by Progressive dogma instead of the rule of law, have no more or less right to keep those jobs then candidates selected by Conservatives. Schumer should shut his damn mouth and vote, yes, or no!

If a superbly qualified candidate who happens to be black, hispanic, asian or female, is constitutionally suited for the job, then give them a shot at the job. But, to base job qualifications solely on skin color is as odious a policy and destructive to legal realism, as is graduating affirmative action students out of college simply because they’re old enough.    

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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