Short Takes – Guns, The Mental Illness Danger


The looming statistics exposing the relationship between mass shooters, mental illness and psychosomatic behavioral drugs is becoming alarming enough that the association between the three can no longer be ignored. A forth ignored ingredient is the association all the killers had with Progressive education or from families of Progressive thinkers.

The Democrats, as the Progressives in question, are looking for any excuse to totally and completely disarm America. The school shootings have provided that excuse, mental illness. Democrats know that they will again achieve the power of government. When they do they won’t make the same mistakes they’ve made before, trying to convince unwilling Americans to voluntarily give up their legal means of self-defense. Next time they’ll just set about taking them.

But, now that the mental illness issue has become prominent after the Parkland school murders, expect it to become a growing issue that Progressives will use as a cudgel to challenge any person of being mentally ill for any reason or no reason at all, like a NRA membership for example, simply to steal that individuals lawful firearms. It will become a growing trend and the cacophony of demands will once again override due process, common sense and the rule of law. “it’s for the children, don’t you know?” The progressives standard response.

This is scary. Already they want returning soldiers who have endured the trauma of combat, to automatically be labeled as potential mental sufferers to be relieved of their weapons and denied their 2nd amendment rights. Notice also that presently, there is no rising concern about the evil effect the pharmaceutical industry has had to the mental instability of young men, drugged early in their lives so schools were not adversely affected by their boisterous behavior.

Mental-health will become the new tool for total gun reform and it will become automatic. Democrats will push “gun control.” Republicans view violence as a mental-health issue no matter the weapon. Mental-health reform is needed. A high percentage of mass shooters are mentally ill. They need to be found, removed from society, and institutionalized.

But we must be very cautious in giving government more power to use mental-health claims to achieve heir desire to regulate our 2nd amendment rights. Consider, how, if an armed law enforcement agency like the FBI, has just attempted a coup against a President, why would we possible feel safe giving up our guns and rely on them for our protection? Think about that!

Our cities are filling up with homeless people a large percentage of them mentally ill. No provision has been made to accommodate them since the mental institutions of long ago were challenged by the ACLU as unconstitutional to civil liberties and dispensed with. Trump addressed the issue with the nation’s governors suggesting a return to such institutions as an answer to the existing problems now haunting society in general and cities in particular.

After the closings, it was increasingly difficult to commit someone against their will. The most serious mentally challenged, were the least likely to seek their own treatment. The school shootings now open a new door of opportunity for the Democrats to revive the mental health issue to attack 2nd amendment and or NRA supporters as mentally unstable people because, everybody knows “we don’t need guns in our society. It’s for the children.” Unhappily, they will never stop criminals with guns. The answer is to destroy the Democrat party while they are still weak and before they can recover.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitutions the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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