Short Takes – Can The Truth Be That Hard to Find?


Americans are becoming as distrustful of government as they are of the media, if not more so. Why? The answers are so apparent, if they were snakes we would get bit. What was once protected by the political parties, i.e.: laws covering the handling of secret materials, sources and methods, are now being exposed thru leaks by corrupt politicians and deep state staffers that find their way out of the hidden world of politics into the light of exposure, analysis, change & outrage. The alternative media gives us real peeks into the realism of corrupt government.

As Americans we once explicitly trusted the FBI, our faith established by Jimmy Stewart’s role in a movie depicting the early formation of the FBI, and confirmed by handsome Effrem Zimbillist Jr., never a hair out of place, successfully fighting crime and America’s enemies on a long running TV series and then, along came the incompetent James Comey who, single-handedly with a silly notion that Hillary’s crimes didn’t count, ripped off the facade of our trust in the FBI.

If you try to mislead an FBI agent in an official investigation, that becomes a “lie”, an offense chargeable as “lying to the FBI.” It will either ruin your career, make you a “snitch,” or send you to prison. The choice is yours but, that’s why we have a fifth amendment even though it’s all but ignored. But, If you are an FBI agent under investigation by your own Departments IG, and tell a lie, why, that simply becomes “misleading.” It could lead one to a demotion, a loss of pay grade, a transfer to outer Montana or an early retirement, but as a Hillary supporter, never to jail.

The FBI’s clumsy handling of their supposed investigation, a cover-up actually, of the criminal Hillary Clinton over her emails and other offenses that jeopardized our nation, has exposed the Clinton Foundation, Obama himself and the DNC as criminal manipulators, to save the collapsing fortunes of the Marxist Democrat party, still remain untested by Grand Jury’s in the courts of law. To survive, they must destroy the duly elected President, Donald Trump.

Combine that classic ‘faux pas’ to the Mueller investigation into an unproven Trump-Russia collusion claim, and the dirty fingerprints of Hillary Clinton, the DNC, the DoJ and the once beloved FBI, are seen all over it. Yet, no word on proceeding to the logical filing of criminal charges on the actors in that drama. The deep states focus remains ending the Trump presidency. Should that occur, a civil war could surely follow. Where is Jeff Sessions?

Fake news and Democrat propaganda makes it hard to find the truth but once exposed, even accidentally, the truth is hard to hide. It perpetuates the cover-up news cycles but, eventually, the truth cannot be ignored. Modern technology speeds the flight of data from sender to recipient to the ‘cloud’ in milliseconds. Secret agencies, friends and enemies, as quickly sweep up the data and there it lies, mouldering until it is needed. Hillary’s 30,000 emails were not lost, they were found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop alongside his child porn. FBI Agent Strzok’s anti-Trump emails to his FBI lawyer-lover Page, have all been exposed, followed by the usual demotions, transfers & etc. but never to a grand jury or jail.

It does not help the issue of trust when the FBI refuses to release the documents about a secret meetings between Comey, Obama, Joe Biden, Sally Yates and Susan Rice after the election. The cat’s already out of the bag and keeping such information about the integrity of Obama’s government, adversely affects Americans confidence and trust. It’s all but gone. We already know Comey lied to Congress, the DCI lied to Congress and Obama lied all the time. We must now wonder, where is Jeff Sessions, and if found, can he restore our trust?
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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