Short Takes – A View of the Future


After a year of President Trump learning to be more effective as a President, as opposed to being a successful business leader, his learning process quickly reveals itself in his style and positive accomplishments. Trump, by all media accounts a clumsy, un-presidential leader, has done more than any president before him, including the beloved Ronald Reagan, to reestablish a Constitutional America and restore the rule of law. He’s draining the swamp.


The disintegration at the leadership level of the Dept. of Justice, the FBI and the IRS, once condoned by the Progressives who believe America is the worlds villain and should be neutralized, are being routed by the apparent machinations of an offish non politician who won the presidency and stopped the changes that was making America into a copy of the old Soviet Union.  But Trump is not a despot, Obama was.


The caterwauling of the disoriented Progressive Left who manned the Deep State functions of government, are falling on the deaf ears of this president. He toys with them and they respond like cats to a dangling piece of string. His weapon, the in their face “Tweets.”  


Trumps State of the Union speech, delivered in simple understandably terms were not for the politicians assembled before him, but for the nation, for you and me who populate the fly over country of unwashed “deplorable’s” and, we’re listening. Its been nearly a year before the frightened leaders of the Republican Party started to listen too and push the levers of constitutional governing they now control into high gear. It is the Bolshevik Democrats who refuse to come along. They remain dogged in their determination to make America crappy.


Trump’s positive speech in Davos and his State of the Union speech a few days later, confirms him to be anything but an oafish clown wandering aimlessly in the political world of their creation, but marks him a national and world leader of the first order. Trump offered specific and practical reform proposals we see already manifest in the just passed, two year, bipartisan budget bill that saves our military, builds “the wall” and may solve our problem of what to do with our illegal aliens. Not everybody is happy but all agree to something. The Democrats have been left holding a very short string. For them it’s almost all or nothing.


Ask yourself how many Democrats would vote against $1.5 trillion-worth of infrastructure investment? They wanted it, they got it, but it comes with certain Trump conditions. How many Democrats will oppose lower drug costs for seniors or vote against solving the opioid crisis? How many Democrats want to oppose allowing people with fatal illnesses the right to try new drugs or techniques, except the state of Oregon that is, where death camps are now being considered for the sick, elderly and incapacitated? How many Democrats want to oppose vocational education for non college capable students to improve the work force and raise Americans out of poverty? It’s a long list Trumps has offered and the Democrats sat on their damn hands, their faces dour, hateful and uncooperative.


Nancy Pelosi’s eight hour filibuster event, replete with hemming and hawing, lost thought strings, confused rhetoric and absurd ideas, left many of us wondering “what was that all about?” Her effort might have been better if she just read the Dearborn, Michigan telephone directory. I don’t think she knows what lies in the future for the Democratic party. Maybe she does and that would explains her apparent on rushing dementia. Leadership is a fungible thing. The Democrats are at the end of their string of old guard leaders. They’re getting desperate.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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