Short Takes – A Trifecta of Problems and Wild Dogs


There is a video on the internet of a lone Hyena with a big problem. He is preparing to defend himself from a pack of African wild dogs ready to kill him. Hyena’s and wild dogs are natural enemies because they compete for food from the same source. I do not intend to characterize President Trump as a Hyena, only the intended victim calculating his next defense move while awaiting the assault the wild dogs are preparing to deliver. In the end, the hyena gets away. So will Trump!


Trump faces a trifecta of problems. First, Special Investigator Mueller’s investigation. Trump is surrounded by the Left’s pack of wild dogs led by Mueller, attacking him through his legal counsel; Second, our response to the Syrian chemical attack and Third, the forthcoming detente meeting with North Korea’s “rocket man.”


Mueller: Anti-Trumpers firmly believe that if Trump should dismiss Mueller, or Rosenstein for that matter, the sky will fall and all will be happy. That Mueller referred the search of Trumps lawyers records to the Southern District of New York, was a sleazy move to distance Mueller’s counter-intelligence/collusion investigation from an apparent misdemeanor inquiry while reaping the fruits of those search’s. The wild dogs clearly intend to kill the hyena no matter what! That search warrant is so challengeable under the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine, as to take the breath away. If it should stand, every lawyer in the country will tremble with fear. All sorts of leftist excuses are swirling through the media organs of the left’s propaganda machines to justify what is clearly violations of the once sacrosanct attorney-client privilege.


Syria: presents special problems specifically, the unintended consequences of action vs. reaction. A year ago, Trump launched a passel of cruise missiles at the Syrian air base involved with the chemical weapons attack. Trumps message then was apparently not received or, the Russians, supporting the Assad regime, simply wanted to up the anti. Why? Because their new S400 air defense system hasn’t been tested yet. Or has it? I recall hearing one report from a year ago that several of our cruise missiles were shot down. That story didn’t stay up long and was soon forgotten. Our response this time, must be massive, threatening and conclusive.


But Syria is not the problem. Russia and Iran are. Should Russia fail to remove their warplanes and maintenance crews, and Iran its infantry from around Syrian aerodromes and they get clobbered, what will they do? The Russians could ramp up support for the Erdogan regime in Turkey challenging the Kurds on their borders, or move militarily into Ukraine, or even threaten the Baltic states. Iran can sortie their plywood navy and watch it disappear in smoke and flames.


Trumps Secty of Defense, Gen. Mattis, calls such responses the “Second Order Effect”, I call it planned unintended consequences. How could America respond? First, we could seal up the Syrian naval base used by the Russians. But, the Russian already saw that coming and yesterday, got their warships out of there. Or, we could actively support Ukraine moving to recapture its territory, including the Crimea the Russian seized and occupied as theirs.


Realistically, Russia is far less capable of projecting military power then they once were. They must survive on selling their natural resources, mainly oil and gas to Europe and China. We can sell it cheaper to them than the Russians can. That’s the power of the embargo we hold oner them.  Trump can ask Putin for a “summit” meeting perhaps. If Putin accepts, we will know how weak Russia really is.

North Korea: The proposed face to face meeting with Kim Jung Un is apparently going to happen. Kim wants the meeting to be held in Mongolia. That’’s so he can ride there on his cool armored train and not have to fear getting shot out of the sky by his enemies. His belligerency as ceased, for now so we’ll see how it goes. Don’t hold your breath though!  


Briefly, those are our Presidents big problems, at least for today, and he’s unafraid to face them head on, with the Wild Dogs still nipping at his heels. Go figure.


Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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