Short Takes – 39 Failures, A PC School Policy Designed to Fail


When viewed in the light of “Political Correctness,” emerging new information concerning the multiple failures of government to protect the students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, several socially disturbing policies become painfully apparent.

As expected, CNN immediately generated a lynch mob mentality with surviving school children, totally focused on fulfilling the dreams of all Progressives, the disarming of America by attacking  guns and the NRA in that order. That the FBI failed to share raw intelligence information with local law enforcement, is no surprise. It’s in their culture not to share or, to do so only begrudgingly. Where do the other failures lie?

Ask why did 39 different police responses to the home of Nikolas Cruz fail to solve the initial problem of a disturbed youth that would have prevented the tragedy of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre? Is it because of the Leftist culture of Political Correctness? Apparently it is the long standing policy of the Broward County Schools, in conjunction with the County Sheriff’s Office to ignore or downplay any criminal engagement with high school students. As a result, school resource officers are trained not to react to law enforcement issues, but to avoid them. This explains why the high school RSO did nothing to stop the threat as well as why three other responding Broward Co. Deputies who arrived as back up, failed to act as well.  

Doing nothing was no mistake because the ‘doing nothing’ is part of their standard practice.

Too, the 27 minute tape-delay in the schools CCTV system was not an accident either, but a practice established by design when resource officers need to cover-up or hide criminal behavior, as per agreed school policy and give them time to delete any video evidence trail.

Could this be a problem? When school policy is purposefully designed to ignore criminal behavior, then the Sheriff and School Superintendent do not rely on resource officers to oppose criminal action but think in terms of carrying out the schools PC policy. Police officers, especially after the Ferguson, Mo. debacle, have been basically neutered of their natural inclination to ‘run to the sound of gun fire’  but hunker down and hope it will go away.

County officials need resource officers to think quickly on their feet to safeguard their Districts  prized statistics on safe school environments, in lieu of stopping criminal threats. Only a Socialist could think up such a stupid scheme as that we now realize.

It was in 2013 that Broward Co. Schools announced broad changes that would mitigate the use of harsh punishments for minor behavior problems during the school year. It was based on the high numbers of black students charged with misdemeanors and getting kicked out of school that prompted the policy. Liberalism can’t have that. Other districts amended their discipline codes, also to prohibit student arrests and developed alternatives to suspensions.

Broward did all these things in one swoop with the cooperation of the NAACP, a school board member, a public defender, the sheriff (Israel), and a state prosecutor. Broward County SRO’s wear a political hat, to intercept behavior, modify their responses based on the specific social policy, falsify documents, including video tapes and alter records to maintain the county’s PC goals. Basically, Broward County school resource officers have become “Political Officers” with operational instructions to carry out political objectives. They are not given law-enforcement instructions. The school resource officers are the primary resource to enforce county political policy. Physical security of school students is not their role. The Broward County SRO is in place to protect the schools social “policy” and ensure students are not arrested for criminal conduct.

This fails to explain, or perhaps it does actually, why Broward County did not act on raw intelligent information directly reported to them. Last November, the Miami Herald reported: “an unidentified caller from Massachusetts called to say Cruz was collecting guns and knives. The caller said “Cruz will kill himself one day and believes he could be a school shooter in the making.” The BSO collectors apparently never even wrote a report on the tip. Supposedly, two deputies,were placed on restricted duty while internal affairs examine their mishandling of the two potential school shooter tips.  After the shooting, the tipster was re-interviewed and said BSO told him to report Cruz to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s, as the teen (Cruz) was then living in the neighboring county. The ball was dropped again.

The BSO didn’t write a report as it would not be in line with the goals of hiding student criminal behavior. The Miami Herald has turned out to be a veritable font of inexhaustible knowledge on this issue. They also reported that a tipster called BSO to say Cruz “could be a school shooter in the making” a report was not written on that warning either and, It came just weeks after a relative called urging BSO to seize cruz’s weapons.

A newly released timeline of police contacts with Cruz’s family, revealed an officer investigated a report that Cruz “planned to shoot up the school” — intelligence that was forwarded to the school’s resource officer, (Scott Peterson), with no apparent follow-up. So, a tipster called BSO to say Cruz ‘could be a school shooter in the making’ but deputies did not write up a report on that warning. It came just weeks after that relative called urging BSO to seize his weapons.”

And again, the Miami Herald reported an unidentified caller from Massachusetts warning that  Cruz was collecting guns and knives. The caller said “Cruz will kill himself one day and believes he could be a school shooter in the making.” Did nobody care about one demonstrably troubled youth and the potential danger he posed to the community?

Lack of sharing important information between agencies, that could take action, is apparently secondary to the importance of preserving the image of the Broward Schools as havens of peace and harmony.  According to a Florida Department of Children and Families Services report, SRO Scott Peterson was approached by FDCF investigators and he “refused to share any information regarding any incident that took place with Nikolas Cruz. It was contrary to school policy.

That same year, the Broward sheriff’s office revealed it was told from a third hand source (hearsay), a neighbor’s son, that Cruz “planned to shoot up the school.”  What school wasn’t named.  Apparently, a deputy contacted the caller, determined that Cruz had knives and a BB gun and sent the information to the school resource officer — presumably Scott Peterson.

Liberal social policies, schemes actually, based on political correctness that specify how they want people to behave, has time and time again flown in the face of human nature, common sense, and safe living. Guns and the 2nd Amendment will never be taken away without a fight. The focus here should be on corrective action to eliminate liberal failed policies that, in the name of political correctness, endangers us all.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em.

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