Radicalism is Alive and Well


Radicalism is Alive and Well

Among the many things Trump has accomplished since taking his oath as President of the United States, was to bring the nations violent, screaming Marxist hoards out of their holes and onto the streets for identification, particularly the “Safe Space” snowflakes, college professors of Marxist philosophy, Black Lives Matter thugs, anarchists and assorted other dingbats.

The problems started during the Obama administration when that president started his attack on law enforcement, encouraged the downtrodden to resistant and local Progressive governments to yield to the voice of the people, which were the violent forces of anarchy that Saul Alinsky outlined in his Rules for Radicals: attack the origins of authority, especially the police.

The assault on society has had its intended effect. Police departments everywhere are threatening to shutdown due to the applied theories of violence through riots, arson, attacks on police officers, including officer assassinations, destruction of property, street shootings and cowed frightened citizens staying quiet. Urban areas in major cities are particularly hard hit.

The mission of local police departments has altered for the worse, departments having been abandoned by Progressive leadership in the name of political correctness and fear, changed procedural policies that favor criminals at the expense of good order and discipline, Crimes skyrocketed during the Obama administration, individual police officers are finding new careers and law abiding citizens are suffering. The war on our police is just getting started, unless stiff backboned leadership can replace Progressive leadership.

Consequently, crime statistics have risen exponentially to the reduction of police presence. Chicago alone, its street crimes in the news daily, accounted for nearly half the 14% increase in homicides as reported by the nation’s thirty largest cities. The 762 murders recorded last year reflected a 60% increase over 2015 and the highest total since the 1990s.

Still, statistically, Chicago with 27.9 killings per 100,000 population, lies in the middle when it comes to big city homicides. Murder rates in St. Louis, Mo. for example, have almost doubled since 2014 at 59.3 homicides per 100,000. Baltimore rose to 51.2, with Detroit, New Orleans and Cleveland all ranking above Chicago. Even Louisville, Ky., experienced an increased of 40% in 2015 over 2014, and Memphis, Tn., saw a 59 % hike. The rates are alarming 1 It’s getting so bad, many cities are losing their police effectiveness and are pleading to the federal government for help. Catherine Pugh, Baltimore’s new mayor, asked the FBI to assign agents to work with the city’s police department to help solve some of the more than 100 murders that already occurred in the city this year.

Ferguson and Baltimore focused our attention on the rising social and political problems engulfing America’s cities. Now, those events have been swept away by the nearly daily clashes between anarchists and the thin blue line we expect to protect us.

Progressive leadership has failed the citizens, by abandoning the officers who protect us. The criminals have noticed and it serves their purposes, not ours. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go help Trump make America Great Again.

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