Joe, ‘the Fixer,’ Biden


If we had the chance to casually peer into the family background of former VP and current
Progressive candidate for POTUS, Joe Biden, should be we shocked to find a modicum of
criminality and anti-social behavior that, should such accusations be attached to Donald Trump
would border on impeachable offenses? Naw! Good ol’ Joe is harmless and means well.
But, Caroline Biden, Joe’s niece, was accused of grand larceny when she stole $100,000
through a credit card scheme in 2017 and, guess what? She got away with it by the Democrat
NY prosecutor. No Jail, no probation, no pay back. How about that? It was her second such
arrest not to mention her numerous stints in rehabilitation.
Hunter Biden, Joe’s very wealthy son now adrift on the sea of improbable incompetence, once
somehow, obtained a direct commission as a Naval Reserve Officer but fate caught up with him
when he failed a drug test that revealed his cocaine use. He was invited out of the service.
Hunter divorced wife Kathleen, mother of his three daughters, to marry his deceased brother’s
widow. This apparently followed a year long affair with the woman. What normal person if they
had any morals, does something like that, and why? To keep it in the family? This was in 2017
in Delaware. It’s available or was, at Delaware online.

During the course of the tawdry divorce proceedings, it was revealed that Hunter drained
hundreds of thousands of dollars from the family assets through his extravagant spending on
the ‘good life,’ you know, those little expenses that mark the desolate man like, drugs, alcohol,
prostitutes, strip clubs and gifts for the women he was shagging, that sort of thing, all while
leaving the family unable to pay their bills. Court divorce proceedings reveal all this and more.
Presently in question is the Billion’s of dollar Hunter was allegedly skimming through his fathers
influence, out of the glorious workers paradise of the Peoples Republic of China, not to mention
his Ukraine gig. Forget the paltry $50,000 a month salary he was paid for sitting on the Board of
a Ukrainian energy company, it was more like $100,000 per month. Who woulda thought?
Joe has a daughter, Ashley Biden Krein, who also has a drug problem including racking up a
bunch of drug related arrests. During Joe’s VP term under Obama, she was even video-taped
snorting cocaine, an act of news omission the Democrat media propaganda machine
committed. If they don’t reveal it, it didn’t happen. The New York Post wrote about it in 2009.
When a man’s children and his close kinfolk turn bad we expect that the influence of the family
Patriarch, if he has any, is to run interference and keep their weakness’s hidden from public
view. But when that patriarch is influence peddling himself to enrich his family’s coffers, keep
‘em out of the limelight, not to mention the hoosegow, then serious questions must be asked
about the man’s credibility, and I man, Joe, ‘the Fixer,’ Biden.
What child of Donald Trump has yet to be exposed as a crypto criminal? None, absolutely not
one because if any were to be so revealed, the Democrat Propaganda machine would chew ‘em
up and spit ‘em out, an experienced as yet unvisited on Biden’s family. GOP Never Trumper’s
would be in their element and John Kasich would come rushing back as an “I told you so” savior
for the Deep State. The media have already ragged on Trump’s children and failed to strike iron
because there's noting to see. Why is that? Because Trump’s kids have class!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go et ‘em!


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