Donald Trump Was Born With a Silver Spoon in His Mouth


Opinion written by James F. Davis:

Donald Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His multi-millionaire father ($300 million) ensured that his son always had the wind at his back. Donald graduated from college in 1968 at the height of the Vietnam War. Initially found fit for military service, Trump got a medical deferment.
Donald joined his father’s real estate firm upon graduation. He took it over when his father stepped down and renamed it the Trump Organization. It was his father’s success that opened all the doors to the banks and politicians. It was Donald’s skill as a lobbyist, donating to politicians that enabled him to get special favors, for example, tax abatements, property seized through eminent domain and many other politically subsidized projects.
Trump appears to have no core beliefs other than what will help Donald Trump. During the years he was a Democrat, he was pro-abortion, pro-amnesty for illegals, supported Obamacare and his massive taxpayer funded government stimulus debt spending and taxpayer funded bailout of Wall Street millionaires.
He chickened out of a GOP debate. He was afraid that a woman moderator might ask questions that he did not want or could not answer.
His knowledge of the inner workings of government is virtually nonexistent other than which politicians to contribute to get special favors. He admitted that in the first GOP debate when asked why he gave hundreds of thousands to the Clinton’s and other Democrats. He replied succinctly, “You pay to play,” a nice way to say he bought politicians.
Trump says he has the answer for everything including creating jobs but his knowledge of economic history on how to stimulate job growth is appalling deficient. To create jobs he advocated up to a 45% tariff on imported Chinese goods. Such tariffs in the past have meant that increased the cost to US consumers by 45% and that the nations targeted retaliated against US manufacturers which reduced US export sales and caused massive layoffs of US workers.
His net worth is estimated from $1.4 to $4.5 billion. If you subtract the $4.7 billion of loans that his bankrupt companies defaulted on, he might be broke without the protection of bankruptcy courts. His specialty was to get other investors and lots of loans, take the revenues out via spending for services of other companies he owned and then declare bankruptcy so he did not have to pay back the loans.
Trump has given very little evidence that he knows how to revitalize our economy. His entire career has been promoting himself and buying influence and telling whoever can help him what they want to hear. He sounds like the famous carnival entrepreneur P.T. Barnum who said “A sucker is born every minute.” Beware of false prophets, particularly those whose only accomplishment in government has been buying influence.
James F. Davis, Hayesville, NC

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