A Second American Revolution


Opinion by John Tutten:

“My main job is to keep my job, to get reelected. It takes precedence over everything.”

So says Congressman X in a soon to be published kimono-opening book entitled, “The Confessions of Congressman X”. Congressman X is a current or recent Democrat member of the U.S. House of Representatives who has chosen to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

He describes how he is so busy fundraising that he seldom reads any of the bills he is voting on and has no idea how much they will cost the taxpayers nor how they are to be implemented. His staff briefs him and tells him how to vote just before he goes to the House floor. On more controversial bills, he sometimes votes yes on a motion and then votes no on an amendment so he can make the claim that he is on either side of the issue depending on what is politically expedient.

Does the Obamacare fiasco not confirm this is how our legislative branch runs? One can now understand how a former House speaker could utter the words that will forever hang in infamy, “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.” It all makes perfect sense under the Capital rotunda.

Congressman X goes on to say, “We spend money we don’t have and blithely mortgage the future with a wink and a nod. Screw the next generation.” Does anyone doubt this is true? He then adds, “Nobody here gives a rat’s (behind) about the future and who’s going to pay for all this stuff we vote for. That’s the next generation’s problem. It’s all about immediate publicity, getting credit now, looking good for the upcoming election.”

This explains why we are closing in on a $20 trillion national debt and have created over $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Our elected representatives in Washington are very conscious of the fact that by their hand, they will bankrupt this country and bring misery and despair on its citizens. However, they still sleep very soundly knowing that when the collapse comes they will be gone.

How could the government of the greatest country to ever exist descend into such a state? Our government once was a model of virtue built on the highest moral truths. It was dedicated to the freedom and liberty of the individual. Its most important task was to preserve our individual rights and allow maximum human flourishing.

Now instead of a Constitutionally founded government, we have a massive bureaucracy whose first priority is to preserve and grow itself and then steal our freedom and wealth through a web of insidious deceit.

They lie to us continually. Remember Obama’s lie “if you like your doctor you can keep him”? How about when they told us it was an Internet video that caused the Muslims to attack our Benghazi compound or that the Iran nuclear deal was negotiated with “moderates”? Don’t forget that our freedom and prosperity is causing the catastrophic heating of the earth. Washington is a brood of vipers!

No clear thinking person can take much issue with what Congressman X is telling us. We knew it already, but we just don’t want to deal with it. Why has it come to this? Look in the mirror folks. We, the citizens, are to blame.

Congressman X provides credence to our culpability, “Voters are incredibly ignorant and know little about our form of government and how it works.” He further expounded on the point, “It’s far easier than you think to manipulate a nation of naïve, self-absorbed sheep who crave instant gratification.”

He then sums up the current state of our culture by stating; “I worry about our country’s future when critical issues take a backseat to the inane utterings of illiterate athletes and celebrity twits.”

I worry about our future too but it is still in our hands. There’s still 20 or 30 percent of the country that is engaged and really understands what Washington is doing to us. Much like pre-revolution America when British rule needed to be thrown off. If you’ve read this far, you’re with us.

The key is that we have to understand that Washington in its current state is a lost cause. We can’t fix it with the people that are there. We need a new Washington and a new Congress. We the people must get far more engaged in selecting and electing men and women of great character and virtue to represent us. This is to be a citizen government, however we the citizens have been AWOL in fulfilling our responsibilities. That must change if we are to continue to live as Americans.

We also need to get behind the Article 5 movement to amend the Constitution. We must plug the gaps that have been exploited and brought us to the brink of ruin. This is a long and arduous process but we can prevail if we are diligent.

We must implement term limits on Congress. Much of the corruption we now endure can be defeated with strict limits. We should also limit Supreme Court justices to a specific term and not lifetime appointment.

We desperately need a balanced budget amendment that includes sunset provisions on the bureaucracy to protect future generations from the sins of prior generations.

Much of the ideology that confronts us has its roots in Europe. Are you ready for a second American Revolution?


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