Beware: Tax Assessor Impostors Roaming Local Properties


Fannin County’s Chief Appraiser Dawn Cochran warns that people posing as Tax Assessors have been examining residential properties in Fannin, Union and Murphy, North Carolina.  Ms. Cochran received three reports about the matter in July.

According to Ms. Cochran, a man driving a red pick-up visited two properties and a man driving a grey Saturn visited one property.  The person identifies himself as a Tax Assessor for the county.  He walks around the property taking pictures.  In one instance, the person took pictures of the owner’s belongings.  When the man was confronted by the owner, he ran to his car and sped away.

Ms. Cochran said that all Fannin County Tax Assessors wear a Tax Assessor identification badge, drive cars with Tax Assessor signs, and have Fannin County Tax Assessors business cards.  If a homeowner asks to see any of the items and the person claiming to be a Tax Assessor cannot produce them, the person is not a Tax Assessor employee.

If you believe a Tax Assessor impostor is on your property call the Fannin County Tax Assessor’s office at 796-632-5954.  Fannin County Sheriff’s Office is also investigating.


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