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Letters to Editor

Dear Editor:

In my opinion, President Obama is one of the most successful presidents in the history of our country.  Five days prior to taking office, he said; “We are five days away from fundamentally changing the United States of America.”    And he has succeeded in implementing his agenda better than any president since FDR!

Can anyone deny the country has changed?  Americans are now afraid of their government.  To include high ranking members of our military who say and do nothing in the face of some silly policies (Fox News reported male ROTC Cadets have been forced to walk around in high heels to empathize with female Cadets) and other polices, that are out right harmful to the Military.   Our Military has been changed and it’s generals are afraid to speak out.

Agencies of the Federal Government are now regularly used as weapons against Americans. Many agencies are now showing up at businesses in swat gear and automatic weapons, to serve a warrant and collect papers, from employees armed with pens and paper clips.

The Obama Administrations use of the IRS to harass citizens who do not agree with Obama’s agenda, makes Nixon look like a Boy Scout.    And has Americans so terrified of their government.  Many people will not put their name down when they attend our Tea Party meetings, for fear that they will end up on some government list for retaliation.  This in America?

The Obama Administration took over the management of Chrysler and GM and fired the president of the Bank of America.  Last time I checked that was called Fascism.

Our religious freedoms are disappearing!  In a country where Thomas Jefferson once attended church services in the capitol building in DC, children are now not allowed to carry a bible to school.  The Little Sisters of the Poor are being forced to provide services to their employees that violate their faith.  Bakers and photographers are being sued and fined out of business for their religious beliefs.  I remember a time in this country when you did not even think of threatening a person’s faith.

Our press has been reduced to printing press releases (propaganda pieces) from the Obama Administration, too afraid to challenge the president as Sam Donaldson and Robert Woodward once did.

Men are now allowed in the girls room and people are told they are wrong if they disagree with that.  And veterans are sued for having a cross at a veterans memorial.  What ever happened to “there are no atheisis in a foxhole”

Our police, once revered and looked up to, are now  targets of punks and scum, who are exulted by the White House which sends its representatives to their areas to support them.  Mayors like the one in Baltimore, let her city be destroyed by thugs and the Border Patrol is told not to guard the border.

Gay marriage is now the norm and the Mozilla CEO was forced to resign, for simply making a contribution to a group that opposed it.  Gay marriage?  Just twenty years ago people would think you strange for suggesting it.

Obama has so stoked the emotions of envy and fear, the country is now divided as much, if not more, than it was during the Vietnam war.  He has us at each others throats, divided between rich and poor, black and white and male and female.

Our freedom of speech and expression has all but disappeared.   It is now the norm for Colleges to have out of the way free speech zones, which is the only place on campus where you can speak your mind.  And the country as a whole, has become so politically correct, you can’t say the Islamic States of Iraq and Syria is Islamic!!!

Obama has been so successful in implementing his agenda of fundamentally changing the United States of America, who can disagree that the country is not the same?   Up in now down, right is now wrong  and traditional values like hard work and faith, which have sustained us for years, are now ridiculed.

Now of course Obama had help.  From the mainstream media and ninety percent of the Republicans in Washington.  With the exception of the 40 or so members of the Freedom Caucus  and a handful of Senators, the rest have been hiding under their desks.  To include people like Tom Price and Tom Graves who were once so conservative.  The Democrats in Washington have committed the crimes against the country/Constitution and the Republicans have been driving the getaway car.

In my opinion, if the ninety percent of Republicans I refer to, were soldiers in a war they would have been shot as deserters.  If they were doctors they would have been sued for malpractice and if they were lawyers they would have been disbarred.

Lastly, history has shown, being successful at implementing your agenda, does not necessarily translate into an improvement for your country.   Pol Pot succeeded in turning Cambodia into an agrarian society.  Anyone who has read the book The Killing Fields, knows that that fundamental change, did not work out too well for Cambodians.

God help our children, Rush Limbaugh did not get his wish, Obama did not fail, he succeeded.

Written by Conrad Quagliaroli

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