Letter to Editor-Benghazi Report

Letters to Editor

Dear Editor:

Hillary Clinton is a liar!   After the Benghazi Report was released showing that two to three hours after the attack started, while our men were fighting for their lives, Hillary was in a meeting where 5 of the 10 action items for the meeting were CYA items to discuss a video that they would claim was the reason for the attack.

The report also produced evidence, that within a day of the attack she told both her daughter and the Egyptian foreign minister it was a planned attack by terrorists. Yet she, Obama and his entire administration lied to the families of the victims, to America, and to the world, by saying it was caused by a video. And to this day, the only person who Obama put in jail was the poor sap who made the video.

In my opinion, the way to prevent another Benghazi is to not vote for Hillary Clinton!  When the hot line phone rang at 3:00am, both Hillary and Obama were sound asleep with a do not disturb sign on the door.

Conrad Quagliaroli

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