The Pride of North Georgia: Pride of Pickens Band and Fannin County High School Band Unforgettable Trip

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November the 20th, both the Pride of Pickens Band and the Fannin County High School Band traveled to perform in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day parade.  The two bands came together to perform as one~  THE PRIDE OF NORTH GEORGIA.

Please help show pride in our schools. Share with your friends and family.  Anyone who has ever played in a high school marching band knows the camaraderie of the band family.   Those are bonds these band kids will share in common, even though they attend two different high schools. 

Enjoy a glimpse into the band trip below:

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Two of our local bands, Fannin County High School Band and Pride of Pickens Band took the opportunity to travel and perform in Philadelphia, PA.  They also visited New York on this trip.   This trip forged friendships and created memories which will surely remain a distinct experience for these young band members.    FetchYourNews spoke with a Fannin County Band member, Ashley Fields,  and asked her what the trip was like for her.  

Ashley told us, “It was amazing, after going once I feel like I want to go again.  Just because everything’s so huge and there was so much I didn’t see.  But everything I did see was was amazing!”  

   Congratulations to these young men and women we are all proud of them and their excellent performance!  


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