2 Press Releases from Congressman Doug Collins


Congressman Collins Votes to End IRS Targeting of Conservatives

Washington, D.C. – Today, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 5053, the Preventing IRS Abuse and Protecting Free Speech Act. The bill would prevent the IRS from requiring confidential donor information from individuals other than officers or the most highly paid employees of non-profit and tax-exempt organizations. Currently, non-profit 501(c) organizations must disclose personally identifiable information of donors to the IRS using Form 990 Schedule B. Schedule B is unnecessary to the validation process for an organization’s tax exempt status, but nonetheless is currently part of the annual tax return non-profit organizations are required to file. Congressman Collins issued the following statement after the vote:

“After the IRS targeting scandal was revealed in in 2013, numerous allegations about their misuse of taxpayer information have continued to come to light. It is clear that we can no longer trust the IRS with information about Americans’ personal, religious, and political convictions. It is sad that charities and non-profits have become a tool to target people, especially conservatives, for exploitation. Currently, organizations must submit an unnecessary form as part of the their tax filing that contains personal information about their donors, and how much money those donors contributed.”

“The IRS doesn’t even need this information to process the organization’s status, and there has never been a clear reason why organizations are required to submit it. In the past, IRS employees have leaked confidential information contained in the Schedule B form to the media or outside organizations, and eliminating certain requirements on the Schedule B form will help remove the potential for abuse. This legislation will protect American’s personal information, and fight against state-sanctioned harassment by the IRS.”

June 14, 2016

Collins: DC Circuit Court Ruling Will Hamper Internet Speeds in Northeast Georgia

Washington, D.C. – Today, the D.C. Circuit Court upheld the Federal Communications Commission’s plan to regulate Internet Service Providers. Congressman Collins, who introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives last year to overturn the FCC’s net neutrality rule, issued the following statement on the ruling:

“We can’t regulate our way to new innovation, and restrict the development of technology in the marketplace. The FCC’s rule is overreaching and unnecessary, which I why I previously introduced a resolution to stop this rule that would slow Internet speeds, increase consumer prices and hamper infrastructure development, including in Northeast Georgia.”

“Today’s Circuit Court ruling is a blow to internet freedom, and Congressional authority. Federal agencies should not be allowed to rewrite the law to suit political whims, and it is concerning to see the Court uphold this kind of power grab. This is another example of courts ceding authority to agencies, interpreting the law in a way that favors agency authority over the Separation of Powers. Rather than emboldening the FCC to continue its attempts to stifle innovation in competitive fairness under the false narrative of fairness, I will continue working to rein in the FCC, stimulate competition, and fight for American consumers.”

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