String of burglaries in Forsyth

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PRESS RELEASE – The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement regarding a string a burglaries that have been taking place in Forsyth County:

There have been a few burglaries on the South end of the county and we are asking for the community’s assistance.

If you see anyone suspicious in your neighborhood or a car you do not recognize “slow rolling” through your neighborhood, please call 9-1-1 immediately.

These burglars are following a somewhat unusual trend. Many of the burglaries we have seen have been committed at unoccupied homes from 5-10pm, when we typically do not see residential burglaries. The suspects are parking in adjacent areas, sometimes adjoining subdivisions, and traveling through back yards and wooded areas to arrive at the houses they have burglarized.

If you see any suspicious persons in the neighborhood, walking near or in wooded areas near homes or you happen to see this on your home security cameras, please call 9-1-1 immediately to report. There is nothing we want more for Christmas then to see these……&*%@!#^, well let’s just call them Grinches, get to spend their Christmas at the Forsyth County Jail where we will give them a lump of coal at no cost to the taxpayers.

Remember…….Lock your vehicle doors, even when parked in your driveway, and remove items from plain view. Ensure you home is locked and valuables are secured.

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