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LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga.- The Lumpkin County Board of Education is making some policy updates and adding a new policy that will now sit on the table for the next 30 days before they take action on them.

The board also approved three CTAE grants. Chief Operations Officer Greg Trammell presented the board with the current design for the aquatic center the Lumpkin County Commissioners are working on.

The current policies that are being updated are policies on JB student attendance, and IEDA instructed break time. The change to policy JB is to include 4H activities as acceptable absences. The IEDA is to ensure that kids from Kindergarten through Fifth grade must receive recess every day.

The new policy is IKBB Divisive Concepts Complaint Resolution Process. This policy is in response to house bill 1084 which was passed this year. The policy draft is the recommended draft from the State Board of Education, to review the policy visit https://simbli.eboardsolutions.com/Policy/ViewPolicy.aspx?S=4107&revid=Zplusx78tT6ldw8zZcZjXPX0Q==&PG=7.

The three CTAE grants that the board approved were from Federal, State, and Agricultural Education. The Federal grant is for $54,653. The State grant is for $89,240, and the Agricultural grant is for $20,661. These grants must be spent in accordance with the Perkins Act, state plan, state rules, and Local Plan guidelines.

The design for the current plan of the aquatic center.

Trammell also presented the board with the current design for the aquatic center. This design was presented to the commissioners at the special call work session on July 16. To review that meeting visit https://lumpkin.fetchyournews.com/2022/07/16/budget-meeting-for-fy23-budget/.

The Board of Education and the Board of Commissioners currently have an intergovernmental agreement for the previous design for the aquatic center. If the commissioners move forward with the new design there will need to be a new updated IGA for this design. This design also calls for a much bigger pool than the original three-lane design and at this time the board of education has made no agreements to heat the larger pool.

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