Police issue scam alert in Calhoun

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CALHOUN, Ga. – The City of Calhoun Police Department issued the following scam alert in the wake of numerous citizens reporting the same scamming call to locals.

Please be aware of a new banking scam that’s currently taking place.

Criminals call and are claiming to be with “YOUR BANK” or “YOUR BANKS FRAUD DEPARTMENT”.

The scammers have gleaned enough personal information about you to be very convincing.

Victims are conned into giving out their online banking information, thus allowing access to their accounts by the fraudsters. For the past two days, local banks have been pushing out information on social media, due to the high volume of fraudulent activity.

Be extremely cautious when dealing with any call that you did not initiate. Never give out any identifying information to someone you don’t know. Personal identifying information could be any number of items to include, your full name, date of birth, social security number, bank account number, passwords, home address or even the names of persons living in your household. If someone calls saying they are from your bank, hang up and call the bank yourself. If you do happen to slip up and give information, contact your bank immediately to file a fraud alert.

Should you have any questions about suspicious activity or suspicious telephone calls, contact the Calhoun Police Department at (706) 629-1234, and speak with an officer.


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