Paulding County is responding to a physical arrest that has now gone viral

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PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. – Paulding County Sheriff’s Office is now responding to a leaked body cam footage that shows a physical arrest that took place a year ago on March 4, 2022.

After the video was leaked earlier this week, it has quickly gained a lot of attention and has gone viral.

During the early hours, on the morning of March 4, a 911 call was made, detailing an individual believed to be trying to break into vehicles at the Evans Mill Subdivision.

Dispatch was sent to the subdivision and upon their arrival they saw a male, Tyler Lee Canaris, walking along the roadside near the entrance of the subdivision and they believed he ‘fit the description’ of the suspect.

Canaris was then stopped by Deputy Michael McMaster and was told he was being detained because he fit the description of a suspicious person that was allegedly trying to break into cars at the subdivision.

Canaris showed visible confusion and stated he was on his way to ‘be picked up for work’.

McMaster then asked him repeatedly to place his hands behind his back as he was searching him.

Canaris can be heard repeatedly asking the Deputy what is going on and stating he is on his way to work before the altercation occurred where McMaster used force to get Canaris on the ground.

Canaris can then be heard calling out in pain after he was thrown to the ground.

While on the ground and yelling in pain, he was cursed at and told to shut up.

It has been confirmed that Canaris was a resident in the subdivision and Paulding County Sheriff’s Office have now stated that he was not the individual they were looking for.

After the altercation, he was tended to by medical personnel and transported to the hospital.

He allegedly suffered a broken collarbone and a fractured skull.

Canaris was not charged with breaking into cars; however, he was charged for obstructing a law enforcement officer.

Paulding County responded to the social media attention the case gained this week by issuing the following press release:

“(Paulding County, GA) Paulding County Sheriff Gary Gulledge has sought the assistance of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) to conduct an outside review of a March 4, 2022 arrest and use of force.That review is now underway. The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office will be fully cooperating with all requests and inquiries from the GBI.

At approximately 6:00 AM on March 4, 2022, Deputy Michael McMaster of the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a suspicious person, who was wearing a hoodie and a backpack, attempting to break into a vehicle in the Evans Mill Subdivision. A short time later, Deputy McMaster arrived at the location and observed Tyler Lee Canaris (W/M, 30 YOA) walking along the roadside at the entrance to the subdivision. Mr. Canaris, who was wearing a hoodie and a backpack, appeared to match the description of the suspect that was provided by dispatch.

Deputy McMaster then approached Mr. Canaris who repeatedly refused to comply with the Deputy’s commands to remove his backpack and place his hands behind his back. Thereafter, Deputy McMaster used force to bring Mr. Canaris to the ground and placed him under arrest. Once arrested, Mr. Canaris was evaluated on the scene by medical personnel. Mr. Canaris was then transported to the hospital by the Sheriff’s Office for medical evaluation.”

Click the video below to watch the body cam video of the March 4 arrest.


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