Haralson County sheriff stops burglary in process

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PRESS RELEASE – On Sunday, July 16, 2023, at around 5:00 PM, Deputy Jon Henderson was dispatched to 2257 Shedd Road in reference to a suspicious vehicle backed up to a house.

When Deputy Henderson and his back-up, Deputy Jarrett Chandler arrived on scene, they observed a Silver Toyota Camry backed up to the trailer and the front door was open.

There were three subjects located on the property who stated that the bank gave them permission to look at the house.

Deputy Henderson was already aware that the property owner lived in Florida and the three suspects had no paperwork with them about the house.

When the individuals were run through GCIC, they all came back with warrants and were detained.

While the three subjects were being searched incident to arrest, a clear baggie with a suspected methamphetamine fell out of the male subjects’ pocket.

After all three were in custody, the vehicle was searched and three loose oxycodone pills were also located. During the arrest, one of the females handed Deputy Chandler items that had been taken out of the home.

Tracey Lynn Brown, a 48-year-old W/F out of Waco, GA was arrested and charged with Burglary in the First Degree, she is currently booked on that charge as well as the Felony Bench warrant that she was wanted for.

Leoma Dawn Jolly, a 46-year-old W/F out of Tallapoosa, GA was arrested and charged with Giving a False Name and Burglary in the First Degree, she is also booked on a Felony Probation Violation warrant.

Kenneth Edward Hall, a 59-year-old W/M out of Waco, GA was arrested and charged with Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act (VGCSA) – Possession of Methamphetamine, VGCSA – Possession of a Schedule 2 Narcotic, Pills not in Original Container and Burglary in the First Degree


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