Fannin County Leaders and Elected Officials Meet with Community at Eggs and Issues

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Fannin County GA- Eggs and Issues Breakfast, hosted by the Fannin County Chamber of Commerce, had a great turn out consisting of chamber and non-chamber members. 

In attendance was Senator Steve Gooch, along with local leadership and elected officials. 

Mayor of Blue Ridge, Rhonda Haight, spoke on issues within the city and county concerning young people of the community as well as the economy and housing. 

Mayor Haight is expanding the use of the farmers market and bringing back the ice-skating rink. 

She went on to say that she intends to put the farmers market to use and wants to involve young people in the community. Additionally, Mayor Haight spoke on affordable housing in Blue Ridge and in Fannin County. 

“The average house in Fannin County is priced at $800,000; that is too costly for our young people,” Haight stated.

She intends on pursuing affordable housing incentives as one of her focus points.

An ETC member also spoke on the grants awarded to ensure Georgians have access to fiber internet in the near future. 

While ETC was in the process of applying for grants, it was made possible by local and state leaders who supported the company through signatures and recommendations. 

On Feb. 1, 2022, ETC was awarded $3 million dollars for better internet and access to Georgians. This is a prime example of the leaders and elected officials working for the people of Georgia. Jammie Hensley, Fannin County Board of Commissioners, gave a few remarks on the importance of voting. 

“Progress begins when everyone gets on the same page to serve the community,” Hensley said. He continued “do not let our veterans down, do not let what they fought for be for nothing.”

Guest speaker, Senator Steve Gooch spoke on issues in the last year, and highlighted Governor Brian Kemp Saying, “I hope all of you will support him, he led us through some tough times.” Senator Gooch mentioned the efforts Governor Kemp made to keep businesses open during the time of the pandemic, despite backlash from others across the country.  “He [Governor Kemp] stepped up and took care of business.”

Senator Gooch went on to talk about the economy, interest rates, and Federal Policy.  The state of the economy is front and center for many voters in this upcoming election. 

Senator Gooch stated, “because of the efforts by your elected officials, Georgia will continue to lead in the southeast in regard to the economy.” 

Furthermore, Senator Gooch expressed his distaste for the Federal Government Policy pertaining to the abolishment of combustible engines that would in turn rid the use of fossil fuels. 

This policy would cost Georgia $2 billion dollars in the Georgia Department of Transportation, like the Gas Tax. The proposed policy to aid in this loss, Price Per Mile Legislation, would tax how much Georgians drive. 

Lastly, Senator Gooch spoke on Senate Bill 202, voter suppression. Yet, this election has had record turnout not only in Fannin County, but across Georgia.

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