Couple arrested after shoplifting at the Dollar General

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DALTON, Ga. –  A Dalton couple have been arrested after attempting to shoplift from the Dollar General store on Feb. 17.

Around 1:30 p.m., on Feb. 17, Dalton Police Department dispatched an officer to the Dollar General on 511 North Glenwood Ave for a reported ‘shoplifting in progress’.

When Officer Johnson arrived, the store manager for dollar general stated that a male and female suspect had been in the store for over an hour, according to a police report.

The suspects were later identified as Richard West, and Cynthia Marie West, 54, of Dalton.

The store manager said that their suspicious behavior along with multiple opened boxes of merchandise led her to believe they were shoplifting and ultimately called the police.

When confronted, Cynthia West gave multiple false names before being identified.

According to the report, Cynthia originally stated her name was Kimberley West and when that did not return, Cynthia advised that her name was Kimberley Smith, and her date of birth of 12/22/67. When this name did not return, Cynthia advised that her name was Kimberley Smithe, and her date of birth of 12/22/67.

Officer Johnson reviewed video footage of the Dollar General and observed Richard opening multiple items and hiding them on his body.

Cynthia said she was here with Richard and had opened a box of pens in the store to see what the writing tip looked like because Georgia has different pens than Louisiana, where she was born.

The items opened in the store and found on Richard totaled $76.69 in value. Lt Houck assisted in identifying Cynthia.

Cynthia had multiple felony warrants. Cynthia was transported to Whitfield County Jail and charged with shoplifting, giving a false name, and the warrants.

Cynthia admitted to lying about who she was because she wanted to give officers a very hard time. Richard was also transported to Whitfield County Jail and booked.

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