County Sends Letter To City Requesting Denial of Annexation

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DAWSON COUNTY, Ga.- The Dawson County Commissioners voted to send a letter to the City of Dawsonville requesting that they deny the annexation of JSW Gee Corner, 922 Hwy 53 east.

The commissioners also approved the SRO contract with Dawson County Schools at the meeting. They voted to accept a Victims of Crime Act grant that District Attorney Lee Darragh presented during the work session.

The City will be reviewing the annexation request at a future meeting but their planning and zoning department has already reviewed the request. Their planning and zoning voted to deny the request.

The request is for 3 acres located on parcel 093 046 which is currently zone RSR. They are also requesting a zoning change to R6 for the use of 195 attached rental homes yielding a density of 5.74 units per acre.

This letter that the commissioners voted to send does not mean the city has to deny the request for annexation. The letter was just to urge the city to deny the request, the matter could come before them at the Oct. 3 meeting. To view the agenda for that meeting visit

During the Board of Education’s September meeting on Sept. 13, they voted to approve the SRO contract with the sheriff’s office and the county. To review that meeting visit

The commissioners also voted to approve the annual contract with the Board of Education. The contract is for seven SROs for an estimated 42-hour work week with a 50/50 pay from the Board of Education and Sheriff’s office.

Heard in the clip above is Commissioner Tim Satterfield expressing his opinion on the need for more officers. He also voices opinions on the pay spilt in the clip.

DA Lee Darragh while presenting his request to the board.

Darragh presented the board with a request to approve the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant. The grant is $74,419 through the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council and Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.

The DA’s office has been receiving this grant since 2017. It covers the wages and benefits of one employee. The vote was unanimous to approve.

Planning Director Sharon Farrell while presenting the withdrawal request to the board.

Also at the meeting the rezoning request, ZA 22-15 submitted a request to withdraw the rezoning request. The request came to the Planning Director Sharon Farrell Wed. Spet. 14.

This request was for parcel 097-017 to rezone from RSR to RPR in order to develop a 332-lot subdivision. The withdrawal request was approved by the board, if the developer wishes to try to rezone again they will have to begin the whole process over again.

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