Commissioners Hold Second Public Hearing on Land Use

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LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga.- The Lumpkin County Commissioners and Planning Director Bruce Georgia held the second public hearing on the land-use revisions to get public input on the process.

Georiga has been working with the guidance of the board on the revisions to the land-use codes. He recently reviewed with the board where the process is currently and asked for an extension on the 180-day moratorium that is in place. To review that meeting visit

Steven Libel expressed his concerns about property rights to the board.

This second public hearing gave citizens another chance to voice their concerns to the commissioners on the revisions. The major concern that was expressed by numerous attendees was property rights. Another concern was with the compatibility standards and what that will mean when the draft is complete.

As it stands currently the draft is incomplete with only steps one through four done. The remaining three steps are still in progress and this is creating uncertainty among the citizens. Those in attendance requested that the board host another public hearing once the draft is complete before they take a vote on it.

“I certainly appreciate all the input, there’s certainly a lot to consider there. I think the board has captured copious notes and given us things to consider. I do believe we heard it a couple of times and it is valid that we need to put the plan together in its entirety and then we need to give the whole community time to view the whole plan once its complete and then get that input back,” explained Chairman of the Board Chris Dockery.

Inside the Dr. David J. Miller board room, there are printouts of the compatibility charts that are presently unfilled out, as well as the character area map, and the map with the new road classifications on it to view. The presentation is also available online at

The character area map with the road classification on it in the board room.

The board also encourages anyone that could not be present at the meeting but still has concerns or questions to reach out to them, their contact information can be found at


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