Catoosa County asks for help in identifying unknown offenders

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Catoosa County Sheriff's Office

PRESS RELEASE – The Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office issued the following statement on social media after unknown individuals caused damage to property resulting in severe issues for part of the county.

INFORMATION NEEDED…On the night of 01/14/22, unknown individuals cut sections of fiber optic cable from several telephone poles on Lane Road between Alabama Highway and West Nickajack Road causing television and internet outages in the area.

The pictured cables that were cut had recently been upgraded to fiber optic cables that did not contain copper wire and were left hanging from the poles.

The cut wires hang down causing safety issues for the community.

Based on evidence at the scenes, it appears the offenders are utilizing a “hunting type” tree stand to climb the telephone poles and cut the cables and may possibly live in the immediate area.
Over the past several months, the offenders have cut cables in the area of Lane Road, West Nickajack Road, and Hullender Road to steal copper wire from the cables.

Evidence of the cut wires.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office at (706)935-2424.

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