Mitchell Ridley to Run for County Commissioner Seat

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Lumpkin, Ga- City Councilman Mitchell Ridley announced at the June 7 city council meeting that he intended to run for the open District 1 County Commissioner Seat. Ridley has served as a council member for two consecutive terms. He also owns and is the creative director at the local salon Hairworks.

Ridley is a Dahleonga resident and grew up in the county. His grandparents owned their own old country store for years. His father worked for the state of Georgia and once he retired he was elected Lumpkin County Commissioner. Ridley has also raised his own children in the area.

“Dahlonega and Lumpkin County is a special place, this is my home. I raised all my children here, I’ve had a business here all my life, this is where I want to die,” stated Ridley.

The decision to leave the council and run for the commissioner seat came in part from his belief in term limits. After serving for eight years on the council, he felt it was time to make room for new blood on the council to continue the growth they have started.

Ridley’s advice to whoever succeeds him on the city council is to come in with an open mind and the mindset of what the community needs as well as the community support.

His experience on the council makes him unique from the other candidates because he has a working relationship with the city and county already. The local governments are currently working on several joint projects together, and his knowledge of these will only help him, also the learning curve should be shorter for him. He is already working in the system and that will give him another advantage.

“There weren’t any locals on there. The people were doing a great job, but I figured you need to know where you come from if you know where you’re going,” added Ridley about his reason to run.

Ridley has a vision for the county, he believes that the local tourism after Covid is really going to boom, and he wants to help ensure that happens. He believes in the beauty of the county and continuing to develop the area while maintaining the natural areas and providing good and enjoyable places for families at no cost.

“I’m looking for some good family entertainment, that doesn’t cost people money and walking trails, hiking, and fishing and stuff like that, that’s what we are known for down here is the beauty of this and that’s what I want to show off how good we look and what we have done,” stated Ridley about his vision for the county.

The special election for the District 1 seat will be held on November 2, 2021. For more information about voting please visit

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