Sam Snider Officially Announcing Candidacy for District 7 State House of Representatives

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I, Sam Snider, am officially announcing my candidacy for the District 7 State House of Representatives. I am grateful for the support I received during the 2014 election and I am looking forward to serving our community as their representative. After 30 years in education, I retired from teaching full time. I am concerned by the increase in taxes during the 2015 session as well as the fact that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has yet to be passed. We also have a ways to go in protecting our second amendment rights with a clear constitutional carry bill. Promises of reducing taxes were not kept. As a former teacher, I am concerned that changes to teacher pay will be enacted upon in the next non-election year. Merit pay was set aside for this session. In my opinion, we need input from teachers more than ever. I hope to earn your vote on May 24th in the republican primary.
Coach Sam Snider

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