Windstream offering gigabit services to region of Big Canoe

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Big Canoe President cuts ribbon at Windstream celebration of gig cable internet.

Kinetic by Windstream – a leading internet provider in the region – hosted a ribbon cutting, on Oct. 2, in honor of now being able to offer “gig cable.” The ribbon cutting was held at Big Canoe at 10 a.m.

Regional President J. Berskshire spoke on behalf of the Windstream team to celebrate new internet investment.

Their investment has been going towards fiber-backed gigabit services to Big Canoe and surrounding areas. It has been more than four-year project that has “finally come to fruition,” according to J. Berkshire, president of Windstream operations in Georgia.

“If anything, this pandemic has shown us that we have to be able to work as a family in communities like this,” Berkshire said. “We hope that this announcement continues to bolster the economic development and stability of this community.”

State Senator Steve Gooch took part in the ribbon cutting and spoke on seeing the important investment of high-speed internet. Gooch said when he was growing up, he had to deal with a party line; times have drastically changed since then.

“Technology is a great thing and it changes so fast, it’s hard to keep up with it,” Gooch said. “Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen demands change.”

State Rep. Rick Jasperse said it will have a great impact and make working from home a lot easier.

“It’s thrilling, at this moment, to see this really happen…we’re just tickled for them,” Jasperse said.

Investing in internet services is important to a growing economy, Gooch said.

J. Berkshire presented plaque to Big Canoe President Bob Crouch

J. Berkshire presented plaque from Kinetic by Windstream to Big Canoe President Bob Crouch in honor of ribbon cutting.

“Internet services are one of the keys to our economic development,” Gooch said. “This is just the beginning…we’re going to continue to see this investment in North Georgia and everybody is going to prosper from that.”

Regional marketing consultant of Windstream Nicole Payne said the hard work is paying off with such an accomplishment in the region.

“It’s incredibly exciting for us,” Payne said. “We have been working towards this for more than four years and to be able to offer gigabit speeds in this community is a huge accomplishment, not only for us but more importantly the community.”

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