SCAM ALERT: Attorney General Chris Carr Warns of Georgia Power Telemarketing Scam

scam2November 29, 2016

ATLANTA, GA- Attorney General Chris Carr is warning businesses about a telemarketing fraud scheme in which scam artists pose as representatives from Georgia Power and threaten to shut off the business’ power unless a payment is made immediately.  The fraudsters then provide a toll-free number to call to set up the payment.  When customers dial that number, they get a recording that mimics the power company phone system, increasing the effectiveness of this scam.  Additionally, when customers choose the “Billing” option from the automated menu, they are connected to a live person who assigns them a case number and instructs them to send funds via a Green Dot MoneyPak prepaid card or a wire transfer.

The Attorney General advises consumers that they can avoid these scams by remembering that Georgia Power will never ask you for a pre-paid debit card, bank information or credit card over the phone. If you get a call of this nature – even if it seems legitimate – HANG UP and call Georgia Power directly at 1-888-660-5890 to verify. (You can also get the legitimate phone number for Georgia Power from your most recent billing statement.)

For more information about telemarketing fraud, please visit the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit web site at Additional information about frequent scams and how Georgia Power works to protect customers is available at

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