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Americans and legal immigrants from most other states would pay higher tuition

It was amazing to see that none of the legislators seemed to note or care that neither “DACA” nor “DACA recipient” appear anywhere in the Carpenter’s tuition amnesty bill. 


State Rep Kasey Carpenter (R- Dalton) presented the latest version of his legislation to grant instate tuition to illegal aliens in the House Higher Education Committee last Friday morning. He was on Zoom from in his car parked “on the side of the road” somewhere between the Gold Dome and Oklahoma. He was retrieving flour for one of his restaurants. 

It got wackier from there. 

Carpenter’s opener was to assure all concerned that his legislation rewarding illegal aliens with lower tuition rates than Americans or legal immigrants from most other states pay  “is not a bill about immigration.” He went on to outline HB 120 with “all right, so what this bill does, is it, it, it basically allows DACA students that are in Georgia, they graduated from a Georgia high school, to attend certain colleges and universities in the, in the college system, at an in-state tuition rate.” 

‘DACA’ is the acronym for the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy put in place by then candidate for reelection, President Barack Obama. The action being deferred is deportation proceedings.

State Rep Kasey Carpenter (R- Dalton)

It was more than a little amusing to watch Carpenter pepper his online sales pitch with the terms “DACA” and “DACA recipients” as well as in the resulting Q&A with gushing Democrat committee members who had only praise for the concept in their questions. It was equally entertaining to see the long line of witnesses – one who is currently a DACA recipient and one who was – stand up in support of the bill inserting the “DACA recipient” term into their testimony.

It was amazing to see that none of the legislators seemed to note or care that neither “DACA” nor “DACA recipient” appear anywhere in the Carpenter’s tuition amnesty bill. 

The entire event would only have been slightly more comical if Rep Carpenter had taken the time to hawk his bill dressed in a wide striped suit with a wink and grin from a used car lot with balloons and a megaphone.

In the current version of his proposed law, Carpenter does have wording that permits illegal aliens to pay less tuition than Americans if they meet “the eligibility criteria set by the United States Department of Homeland Security for deferred action in enforcement of federal immigration laws.”  Italics mine. 

But, there doesn’t seem to be set eligibility criteria for deferred action on enforcement – it is a discretionary tradition in federal law enforcement and (like DACA) not a result of congressional action. Lines 34 & 35 in HB 120 would be laughed out of a well-informed committee. ‘Journalists’ should not be running stories that report HB 120 somehow applies to “DACA recipients.” It doesn’t. 

Deferred action is not DACA.  Sometimes it is difficult to decide if things that are just plain screwy are a result of ignorance or intent. Deferred action on immigration enforcement is outside of DACA. How far outside? John Lennon obtained deferred action on immigration enforcement in the 1970’s. 

All co-signers are not visible online, but at last check with the House clerk’s office, Carpenter’s instate tuition bill has more Democrat cosponsors than Republicans.

As is, HB120 is a hustle that is fully dependent on the oversupply of immigration ignorance on the part of most of the legislators who govern a state with more “undocumented workers” than live in Arizona. This writer started working with state lawmakers on drafting and perfecting illegal immigration legislation in 2005. HB 120 would not have been allowed a hearing in a Republican – run committee ten years ago. 

We were happy to post a very critical analysis of the debut of HB120 along with facts the media is suppressing and fully expected to see changes in the bill as a result. 

None of the above is intended to indicate certainty that the bill won’t be passed out of the House Higher Education Committee and onto the floor. 

I got a sense of the determination to advance the bill in an early morning discussion with the committee Chairman Chuck Martin (R- Alpharetta) in his office when my request for a copy of any committee substitute language was first dodged then tacitly refused. \


Read HB 120 for yourself


The Committee Substitute version presented on Feb 19, 2021 in the Higher Education Committee is not online and will not be posted on the House website unless it is passed out. I have scanned in and posted the paper version (with my scribbled notes) I was given by a friend who was able to get a copy from the Chairman’s staffers.

Here is a link to the original language.  A Fiscal note for HB 120 is available here.  

We have posted a link to the official video of the entire Friday hearing and a transcript of Rep Carpenter’s presentation on the Dustin Inman Society website. Contact information for Rep Carpenter here.

Space does not allow a list of all the problems with HB 120. But it should be mentioned that ‘DACA recipients’ are nevertheless illegal aliens according to the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. Even the liberal AJC reported that one.

D.A. King is president of the Dustin Inman Society

OPINION: Remembering Brian Kemp “Big Truck” Campaign Ads: Broken Promises on Illegal Aliens


Written by: Debbie Dooley

Remember the primary election campaign ad in which Gov. Brian Kemp told us – and the world – “I got a big truck, just in case I need to round up criminal illegals and take ’em home myself?”  We do. Heard anything on illegal immigration from him since 2018? We haven’t.

Even though states cannot deport illegal aliens (only the feds can do that), in 2018 Kemp promised to create a “Track and Deport Plan.” And he promised to create a criminal alien database. None of this has happened and he is defiant in his silence because he thinks you will also be silent.

During the 2018 primary election, Kemp presented himself as a determined pro-enforcement advocate on criminal aliens and made a host of promises on illegal immigration, including very detailed proposals on legislation he would send to the state legislature. Kemp’s campaign pledges on illegal immigration are a large part of the how he won the endorsement from President Trump, which is a major reason he won the primary and the governorship. Since then, it’s crickets from Kemp on illegal immigration and the associated crime and job theft.

He must answer for this betrayal. At least Joe Biden admits which side he is on.

D.A. King at the Dustin Inman Society has compiled an extensive Brian Kemp file over the years that is a ‘must read’ for conservatives who are taking a second look at Kemp.

“It’s not only the fact that Gov. Kemp showed us who he really is when he pulled his “Big Truck Trick” on trusting conservatives. Georgians are being displaced from badly needed jobs by black market labor and criminal aliens are being released from county jails to go on and commit more criminal acts”, D.A. told me. “He has turned his back on Georgians who depend on leadership on the issue while DHS tells us we have more illegal aliens here than Arizona.”

Foreign language videos to help non-English speakers vote in Georgia

D.A.’s file reminded us that when he was Secretary of State, Kemp spent tax dollars to create foreign language videos to help non-English speakers register and vote in Georgia. Yep, he did that.

“Kemp’s State of the State silence on voter security should not be ignored, considering Georgia issues foreign nationals temporary drivers licenses and ID that are nearly identical to the ones eligible American voters get.” Most people are going to be stunned on this one. D.A. King explained to me that there is no law to prohibit these non-citizen drivers licenses from being considered “proper ID” for voting. You need to read about that from D.A. too.

We hope you will take a long look at the “Brian Kemp” file at the Dustin Society website. You can see some of the now forgotten Brian Kemp campaign ads there.

You can leave a message for Gov. Kemp at his capitol office at 404-656-1776.

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