HSBR has partnered with Pampered Chef to raise funds while you shop!

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Pampered Chef Party
Hosted By: Humane Society of Blue Ridge
Raise Funds and shop the Humane Society of Blue Ridge Fundraiser beginning March 29th!!! Kick back, invite friends and shop and socialize all while raising funds for Blue Ridge!! It’s a great organization that appreciates your support!

Shop the new Spring/Summer catalog and learn about quality cookware and kitchen tools, grab some tips and score some prizes! Play games and have fun all while raising funds for the Humane Society of Blue Ridge!! Be ready participate virtually in this online fundraiser! Feel free to invite friends! The more the merrier! Never too many to a Pampered Chef Fundraiser! LET’S RAISE FUNDS FOR THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF BLUE RIDGE!! ENJOY and HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!

Monday, March 29 – Monday, April 12 Click here & shop
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(706) 669-4687

Ask The Doc! Gastric Bypass Complications And Sarcomas

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This morning, the Doctors discuss Gastric Bypass Surgery and its complications. When is this surgery needed? What are its complications? They also answer a question regarding a Sarcoma. Dr. Whaley discusses why you shouldn’t google medical information. They also discuss the latest vaccine news. Who should be receiving the vaccine?


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