Greene calls out “fake news,” Dems, and Pelosi

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Greene Fake News

ELLIJAY, Ga – Fourteenth District Republican Candidate Marjorie Greene compared the “fake news” media attacks against her to those hurled at President Donald Trump. She certainly didn’t mince words when talking about the media, Democrats, or Republicans following her election night win.

Since easily winning her runoff with 56.75 percent of the vote, the majority of Greene’s headlines focus on her QAnon ties – a conspiracy theory detailing an alleged plot against President Trump and supporters.

On Good Morning from the Office, Greene didn’t necessarily shy away from the group, but she did separate herself to an extent. She explained that two years ago, she never considered running for office. During this time, Greene started researching the “fake news” media stories about Russa Collusion.

“I knew they were lying about President Trump. I was one of those people that read and looked up things and wanted to know what was really going on, and millions of other Americans did the same thing,” explained Greene.

She conceded that she might have commented on pages, sites, or forums, that she might reconsider posting today.

“I’m a regular person. I looked up things. I asked things,” Greene added.

The Republican candidate remained steadfast in being “fed up with conspiracy lies from the fake news media.” She said, “we won’t believe” the media’s narrative about the Trump Campaign and Russia’s involvement in 2016.

Few if any media outlets have given Greene positive headlines, but her campaign “[doesn’t] care what the fake news media has to say.” According to Greene, the people that know her will recognize the media’s lies.

Greene Victory party, Image courtesy of campaign’s Facebook page.

At Tuesday’s victory party, the campaign removed an AJC reporter, but not before they recorded her saying “kick that bitch out of Congress” concerning Nancy Pelosi. The victory party wasn’t considered a press event.

When asked, the Republican candidate confirmed, “In a fired-up moment, I called her a dirty name.” However, Greene didn’t apologize to the Speaker of the House. Instead, she doubled down calling Pelosi a hypocrite and the Democrat party “anti-American.”

Greene’s tired of Democrat policies, Pelosi’s tactics, along with the media, and “spineless Republicans” who kowtow to them.

“What we’re having in our government is too much. It’s insulting to the American people. We have the Democrat party that has turned into the party of socialism,” explained Greene. “American people, conservative Republicans are fed up. We’re fed up with Antifa, BLM, socialists, the squad, and Nancy Pelosi…All the Republicans need to double down. We need to support President Trump and get him reelected. We need to defend our conservative values.”

President Trump spoke with Greene on election night and called her the next “Republican star” in a Tweet.

Kevin McCarthy, Brian Kemp, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, and most of Georgia’s delegation have sent congratulations.

“I’m absolutely thrilled with my victory, “expressed Green. “I had a strong message. It’s the message, I believe in my heart and that’s save America, stop socialism.”

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