Sassy’s Hope offers help for those facing cancer

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Group offers gas assistance for cancer patients

With gas prices approaching five-dollars per gallon, those facing chemotherapy and radiation may feel the pinch at the pump on top of other worries.

It started as a way to give back to her community after losing her father to lung cancer in 2015 by taking snack bags to cancer centers. Sassy’s Hope has grown to help those facing cancer with gas and items like wheelchairs and potty chairs. According to the Georgia Department of Health, about 45,000 Georgians are diagnosed with cancer and nearly 15,500 die from it each year.

A work of faith to help cancer patients

Sassy’s Hope offers help to those in Whitfield, Murray, and Gordon counties with gas cards for cancer treatment.

“A group of us met at Chick-Fil-A and started talking about how we want to give back,” said Lynn Noland Hawkins said.

She credits their faith that everything fell into place.

“Each one of us had an avenue to attorneys, accountants and others to help us,” said Hawkins.

The group began to deliver snack bags to cancer centers in the area that included their contact information and Bible verses.

“It just kept going from there,” said Hawkins. Hawkins said she wanted to spread hope to those facing cancer. As for Sassy, she said that is what her grandchildren call her.

Daily prayers and faithful givers make it possible

She said her daily prayer is to not have to turn away anyone who needs a gas card and so far, the answered prayers have been plentiful.

“We haven’t had to turn anyone away,” she said. “From the beginning, it was our faith that kept going.”

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She said patients who are getting chemotherapy can get one gas card per month. If treatment is chemotherapy and radiation, they can get a little more. They also assist with lodging if patients are traveling to larger hospitals such as Emory. Sassy’s Hope does not help with utilities, however, as there are other options for those with that need.

Hawkins said she sends out a mass email monthly stating what the needs are and people give as they are able.

Bush Hog to be raffled at Phillips Rodeo this month to help Sassy’s Hope

This month, they are getting help from Drifter’s Trading Company, in Chatsworth, who is raffling off a Bush Hog at the 43rd Annual Phillips Rodeo.

Tickets are available through Drifters Trading Company or at Phillips Rodeo on June 24 and 25.

Hawkins said she hopes to expand Sassy’s Hope in the future, when she retires. She is the wife of Eddie Hawkins and mother of Colby Victor Hawkins, named for her father Victor Noland.

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