FYN TV Presents – Camera, Candidates, and Issues Debate featuring 9th District Congressional Candidates Paul Broun, Doug Collins, Roger Fitzpatrick, Bernie Fontaine and Mike Scupin.


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9th Congressional District Debate. The Omnibus Bill, refugee resettlement, the national debt, Speaker Paul Ryan, sanctuary cities, abortion, and yes even the dog and pony show. 

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BKP Paul

Moderator FetchYourNews.com CEO BKP Candidate Dr. Paul Broun

Mike Collins

Candidates Mr. Mike Scupin and Congressman Doug Collins

Roger Bernie

Candidates Mr. Roger Fitzpatrick and General Bernie Fontaine











TEA Party of Gilmer County 9th District Debate; Paul Broun and Roger Fitzpatrick have heated exchange over the topic of ethics.


TEA Party of Gilmer County host 9th district debate. Candidates left to right: Mike Scupin, Paul Broun, Roger Fitzpatrick, Bernie Fontaine.

Congressman Doug Collins did not attend.

A must watch video.

Hall County GOP 9th District Congressional Debate. Doug Collins, Paul Broun, Mike Scupin, Roger Fitzpatrick, Bernie Fontaine

Hall Paul Broun

Paul Broun FetchYourNews.com

Hall Mike Scupin

Mike Scupin FetchYourNews.com

Roger Fitzpatrick

Roger Fitzpatrick FetchYourNews.com

Hall Doug Collins

Doug Collins FetchYourNews.com

Hall Bernie Fontaine

Bernie Fontaine FetchYourNews.com

Debate, Time for Doug Collins and Paul Broun to square off Face to Face


Congressman Doug Collins would like to continue representing the 9th District but first he must get past four opponents in the Republican primary on May 24th. Collins is being challenged by former 10th District Congressman Paul Broun, Mike Scupin, Roger Fitzpatrick, and Bernie Fontaine.

Collins seems to be zeroing in on Broun although he has three other opponents. Scupin, Fitzpatrick, and Fontaine have been attending meet and greet events throughout the District. We are not aware of Fitzpatrick or Fontaine launching radio ads or social media campaigning; however the Scupin campaign is questioning Collins’ congressional voting record with daily attacks via social media.

The Collins campaign launched a radio ad claiming Broun abused taxpayers’ money and alleged he is under a federal criminal investigation.

Here’s the transcript:

Collins: “I’m Doug Collins and I approve this message….”

Narrator: “Career politician Paul Broun. Former congressman Broun’s hypocrisy is bad, but Paul Broun’s repeated abuse of the taxpayers’ money is even worse.

“Paul Broun claims to be an outsider. But Paul Broun’s been on the ballot 12 times in 26 years for six different political positions. He’s so desperate to further his political career, Broun’s now campaigning for Congress in a district he doesn’t even live in.

“While Paul Broun’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, Broun’s abuse of taxpayer’s money is even worse. In Congress, Broun nearly bankrupted his office budget with an excessive amount of taxpayer-funded mail. And now, former congressman Paul Broun is under a federal criminal investigation into his use of taxpayer money to aid his failed U.S. Senate campaign.

“Career politician Paul Broun’s hypocrisy is bad, but Paul Broun’s abuse of the taxpayers’ money is even worse.”

When the Collins campaign released its schedule of debates they made reference that Broun did not live in the 9th District by saying:   

“I know these counties are a long ways away for Oconee County’s Paul Broun, but since he’s running over here in the 9th I encourage him to make the drive.”

Broun has responded with a radio ad attacking Collins’ record in congress. Broun refers to Collins as “Establishment.”  Establishment is almost like a four letter word in the current political climate. The ad points out how Collins voted for the Omnibus Bill and showed support for former Speaker of the House John Boehner.

“I’m Dr. Paul Broun, I approve this message. You’ve probably heard the personal attack ads Establishment Politician Doug Collins has against me. They are full of distortions and half-truths. My daddy told me a half truth is a whole lie. And the whole truth is he’s desperate to distract you from his record. Establishment Doug Collins voted for Boehner for Speaker. Twice. Even after you told him not to. Then Collins voted for Boehner’s Omnibus Bill that fully funds Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, and Obama’s amnesty plan. Nancy Pelosi said ‘They really gave away the store.’ Attack ads can’t change a voting record. But I’m proud to talk about mine. I have a record of fighting the Establishment. I voted against Boehner as Speaker. I opposed all Omnibus bills. My record shows I’m a consistent, conservative, constitutionalist”

When Collins and Broun attend the forums they will be sharing the stage with three other candidates. Considering the time limits and the format for the forums, Collins and Broun may not have the opportunity to truly debate the issues.

Due to the busy nightly campaign schedule FetchYourNews.com, Good Morning from the Office with BKP,  has invited Collins and Broun to a debate which would be held from 8-10 am. This would be during our live morning broadcast.

FYN has sent both campaigns an invitation to participate in this one on one debate opportunity.

 Broun’s campaign has accepted stating, “I accept your invitation.  I’m certain we can arrange our schedule to accommodate your request. Please let me know. Thank you.

Paul Broun M.D.”

We have not heard back from the Collins campaign at this time.

Fannin County GOP/Republican Meeting 3/21/16

Former 10th. District Congressman Paul Broun. Broun is running in the 9th. District Congressional Race.

Former 10th. District Congressman Paul Broun. Broun is running in the 9th. District Congressional Race.

John Williamson Candidate for State Senate District 51

John Williamson Candidate for State Senate District 51

Sam Snider Candidate for Georgia House District 7

Sam Snider Candidate for Georgia House District 7

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