The Weekly Word


Written And Submitted By Stephen A. Brown, Marketplace Ministries, inc.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Inspiration speaker Dale Carnegie wrote that happiness is getting what you want. Dale was wrong. In the mid 1990’s ABC TV aired a one-hour special on Happiness. A young lady who won a 26 million dollar lottery was ask if it made her happy; she replied “Not really.” Troy Aikman, MVP of SuperBowl XXV11 was ask if he was happy; his response was “Is this all there is?” Members of the Royal Family were interviewed to see if their position made them happy; all said “No.”  A new job, home, or car may produce temporary happiness; but there’s always something better to wish for. So, how can we have a Happy New Year? The Bible answers that in Psalm 144:15, “Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.”


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