Collins Calls for Preservation of Local News in the Midst of COVID-19

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GAINESVILLE, Ga. — Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) joined several of his colleagues in sending a letter to President Donald J. Trump urging the Administration to direct federal government advertising funds to local news and media outlets to ensure local media can continue to inform our communities in the midst of COVID-19 and after this pandemic is behind us.

“Local news and information on radio, television and newsprint is more in demand than ever, yet local media outlets are experiencing catastrophic losses in the advertising revenue that allows them to continue investing in providing that news to the public,” they wrote. “This national emergency has caused a near halt to local business activity and in turn, the regular and vital advertising they purchase from local media. Without advertising revenue, local media outlets cannot survive.”

In times of emergency and disaster, the public turns to their local radio, television, and newspaper for breaking news and important information. For that reason, it is critical now more than ever that these local media outlets stay afloat.

“Advertising plays an incredible role in local economies, and its importance to the sustainability of local broadcast stations and newspapers cannot be overstated,” they wrote.

Read the full letter here.

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