Wounded Beasts Are Dangerous


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Unlike most wounded beasts, instead of retreating into the dark recesses of its own sick imagination to lick its wounds, the deranged Left is striking out blindly at its tormentors, those who snatched away its dream of possession, its absolute right to power. Lurking in the hidden depths of its own delusions, abetted by a similarly affected media feeding their angst, the Progressives still harbored a faint hope of thwarting the Trump mandate through suborning the Electoral College vote. Threats and intimidation not withstanding, It failed, miserably!

Still, Donald Trump must be on his guard. The book of tricks the Progressives carry with them to every fight includes deception, the extended hand of friendship, a particular weakness to which John McCain and Lindsay Graham are susceptible, dirty tricks, outright lies, fake news and media propaganda to delude, misinform and confuse, all while their other hand holds a club.

Right now, the ultra left-wing media is wielding its propaganda club of fake news. They would have us believe that all Americans were so “outraged” that the Russians hacked the election and gave it to Trump, that therefore the electors, in their righteous fury, were not obligated to vote for Donald Trump. Were these guy’s writing a movie script or smoking pot?

We are in a decades long struggle with the dark forces of totalitarism. Many Americans are just now beginning to realize that. No longer schooled in Western Civilization, the Humanities or Civics, the training necessary to establish firmly in the minds of Americas impressionable school children the real gift that is America, has been replaced with socialist dogma of you’re too dumb to know how to live, we’ll do it for you and, everybody gets a trophy.

Pay close attention to the next several months. The Progressives, never, ever concede, but will attempt, with sophistry, to delegitimize Trumps presidency using any stupid idea they can come up with to convince Americans he’s unfit for the hight office he holds and should, therefore, be impeached. This from people who have never earned an honest dollar let alone several billions.

They will try to associate him negatively, with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They will attempt to link Trumps choices for Cabinet positions and lower executive offices, to anything nefarious they can think of, like the false claims of Russian hacking. They’ll invent something. They have a deep bag of tricks from which they can draw, many used successfully in the past to demean, humiliate and destroy their opponent of choice at the time.

In two years, 2018, mid-term elections will find the hobbled and injured Progressives in a full court press to affect state elections in order to replace Republican lawmakers with their own commie toadies. Tea Party and grass roots efforts by Independent Republicans must stamp that out, immediately it rears its ugly head. Look for the signs, they are always visible.

On November 8th, American was gifted with a lucky break. Trump did it. I can even go so far as to suggest that Trump is God’s instrument. As a Judaeo-Christian nation, we simply cannot squander that gift by inattention to its protection and preservation. It is imperative that we remain alert because the beast is not dead. It lies coiled in it den awaiting the moment we forget or drop our guard or fail to re-strengthen the foundations of American Constitutionalism.

Our first enemy is corruption. It cannot be passed over or ignored, especially by our leaders. We put them there because they asked, and by God, they had better perform as we want, or else. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (20 Dec 16)


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