Will There Be A Democrat Party?


Opinion written by George McClellan

Democrats believe they may have found an issue with which to attack Republicans, restore public confidence in their social agenda and regain the rightful political power their (former) president managed to fumble away over his eight years of puffery, inaction and incompetence. That issue is Trumps Muslim ban. My reaction: “go for it.”

Democrats should be reminded that a majority of American’s, those of us who elected Donald Trump to “drain the swamp,” not only want to see the swamp drained, but do not want to see it refilled with muslims and their violent life taking transplant, Shariah Law. President Trump’s immigration ban was not, prima facia, a ban on Muslim but it was, in effect, a muslim ban as the countries they come from are designated as terrorists supporting countries which, as it happens, are all Muslim countries with Muslim governments. What’s not to understand?

Dem.Rep. Donald Payne Jr., D-N.J. whined “The fabric of this nation is being torn apart before our eyes. Are we supposed to take that off the Statue of Liberty now?Today it’s Muslims, tomorrow, who‘s next?”  Well, how about democrats? They’re self-destruction anyway.

Steny Hoyer, D-Md, House Minority Whip, pointed out that no terrorist acts have been carried out by refugees (Islamic ones) living in the U.S. from any of the seven affected countries. So what! It’s not those countries that have declared war on America and the West, except Iran, it’s Islam, the all prevailing cancer of Islamic fascism that has declared themselves our enemies, time and time again. We’ve got to get real here folks and pretty soon.

During the past eight years, America’s Tea Parties rose up alarmed by the un American effects of encroaching Socialism and organized quietly, without violence or damage to property, to bring about the very changes that Trump’s election has accomplished. That mission is over. Now, Trump is under attack by the hysterical political left whose mission it has always been was to destroy America’s Constitutional Representative government and replace it with top down government controlled by their intellectual idiots, who consider themselves as our betters.

This is accomplished by attacking our family values, our religious connections, our educational processes and by weakening our trust in law enforcement. The Tea Parties must therefore, re-energize themselves, face the new democrat threat, that now includes Islam, and set about restoring America’s belief’s in Constitutional authority and the rule of law.

If Democrats believe their future lies in our voluntary acceptance of Islam and Shariah law because of American’s compassion for victimhood, then, by all means they should elect Keith Ellison (D-MN) as the DNC Chairman. I can imagine no better tool to push the Democrat party into the bottomless pit of ill relevancy than having an avowed Muslim as their chief. They’re almost there now anyway. A good shove couldn’t hurt.

Georgia Democrat Congressman, Mr. John Lewis supports this leadership role for brother Ellis. Lewis said: “I’ve spent most of my adult life fighting for the rights that are being viciously attacked by Donald Trump and his administration. As Democrats, we must seek a leader who has demonstrated the ability to continue the fight to protect all that we hold dear as a nation. Keith is ready to take on the fight and I am proud to stand with him. I hope you’ll join us on the front lines.”  Mr. Lewis fails to connect the dots between democracy protecting ‘what we hold dear as a nation,’ and Islam projecting what it holds dear for our nation, submission to Allah.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (4 Feb 2017)

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