When the Comrades are in Charge


When the Comrades are in Charge
Ah!, yes, the exuberance of youth with its determined enthusiasm to make things better for all. I give you Comrade Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez filling that leadership role admirably. Like our beloved President Trump, Comrade AOC came not as a politician with business acumen ready to apply learned skills to social and economic issues, Oh, no, she comes specifically to re-introduce Obama’s “Change You Can Believe In” or some other such nonsense which probably explains her role as the new bright face of the Democrat Party. If Trump can do it, so can AOC, or something like that.

A pole dancing bartender does not quite fit the image of positive leadership such as Trump has provided. What she brings to the table, even over the snickering laughter of many in her own party, is the Green New Deal, another shot at explaining why Socialism, as an economic and social catalyst to save America from cataclysmic horrors like Global Warming, is a good deal.

Comrade AOC’s proposal would absolutely, irrevocably and forever turn America into a debilitated socialist country by welcoming in millions and millions of aliens unable to make their own countries great, but more than willing to make America crappy, so long as America feeds them, houses them, and keeps them healthy and educated, for free of course.

Comrade Cortez’s shining illuminance is supplanting, temporarily at least, the aged, decrepit and nearly senile Nancy Pelosi, her party’s leading politician, by trying to hurl America headlong into the strangling coils of the Socialist serpent that is squeezing Venezuela to death, just has it has in every other country that embraced their philosophy of social and economic equality.

AOC’s Green New Deal is scary in its attempts to justify government meddling in our lives on a scale only seen in Soviet Russia and Maoist China. Her plan is unaffordable. It would cost trillions of dollars over the next decade. Our daily living would inevitably be adversely altered without the joys of cheap electricity if nuclear (which don’t release greenhouse gases) and coal fire power plants, are eliminated in favor of more expensive unreliable energy sources. Her costly scheme makes no difference to the comrade cadre, if only they can just get it started.

Imagine if you will, no Western Sizzling or Outback Steak Houses. Imagine government mandating, the upgrading or replacing every building in America to achieve the comrades desired state of energy efficiency. If homes and buildings no longer are equipped with air-conditioning, electric lighting and energy systems for conducting business then, and only then, will the really inefficient and costly wind turbines find a use. They don’t meet goals now but survive only by government subsidies and that, dear readers, is the main goal of Americas Socialist theorists, total control through environmentalism. They have to frighten us so we will ask them to save us. The solution: top down government control justified by junk science.

This Green New Deal demands the elimination of air travel because of the carbon foot print those awful jet planes leave across the sky. To stop that, AOC’s scheme will stop the production of kerosene (JP-4) jet fuel. Forget high speed trains that won’t be built in our life time. If wind power electricity is rationed because of inefficiency, you won’t need to go anyway.

Climate change, or global warming, or whatever, is the Democrats primary issue intended to subvert us. When climate data relies on government estimates from government sources you can bet we will never know the truth. The comrades cadres must be destroyed.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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