What’s Going On?


Opinion written by George McClellan:

While the Democrats are in their self-loathing mode, wasting our time delaying Trumps Cabinet appointments, a few in the GOP now pretend they want to be Statesmen, as in seriously considering the possible negative affects of rooting out Obamacare and replacing it with an affordable free market plan that everybody can participate in. What negative affects?

Some GOPer’s, in their steadfast commitment to inaction, claim there is still 10% now covered by the ADA (free health care), who needs to be considered. Well, no, they don’t, because there is no way in hell any of those freeloaders are going to vote for a Republican, on any account, at any time so, forget that option. Repeal Obamacare, right now, while we still hold the Congress.

In these nearly final days of our Grand Republic, many politicians, a majority in fact, Democrat and Republican alike, have sought political office simply to enrich themselves and their cronies with absolutely no thought to real statesmanship. Jeff Sessions is probably the last real statesman coming out of the Senate. I’ll give credit to first term Senators David Perdue and Tom Cotton, as falling into the “Statesman” category. The rest of ‘em aren’t worth spit!

Macaskill and Collins? When did these two illuminaries decide they were qualified to be Statesmen? The minute Trump was elected, that’s when!  As “Never-Trumper’s” they might as well be Democrats for all the good they’re doing to the GOP’s plans to move America away from Obama’s fascism. For any Republican to align themselves with Democrats, on any issue, is the supreme act of betrayal to their party and to their country. To pretend they do so as Statesmen, is even worse. It is the supreme act of fecklessness. That’s John McCain and Lindsay Graham!

Democrats are fooling nobody. They are the party of small minded, nasty, hate filled hypocrites. Their media rants provide fodder for Comedy Central, Saturday Night Live, Roger Moore and Bill Maher. These people are the leftover dregs from the1960’s, like Hillary and Bill Clinton.

They look down on those who serve and support the military, as simple creatures incapable of getting a job anywhere else; kinda like many college professors with PhD’s in useless subjects, unable to get a job in the real market so, they teach to eat.

These delusional Progressives called the wife of a Navy Seal warrior killed in combat, dumb because, they say, President Trump used her as a prop. They see all of us who serve or have served in the military, as just bible toting populist and patriotic, nationalistic numbskulls, in the way of their plan for a one world government. Is it no wonder the Democrat Party is shrinking as more and more sane people head for the doors?

The Democrat party, in its death struggle, have elevated hypocrisy to a high art form. Trump’s election halted their global agenda dead in its tracks. When Trump withdrew the from TPP, he stymied the lefts nearly completed plan to give away America’s sovereignty to a one world government. His encouragement of other nations, especially in the EU, to recover their national identities, sovereignty and dignity, has inflamed them all the more. Nationalism is the enemy of a One World government. To that end, we can easily see the role of multi-national trade unions as the deceptive vehicles to encourage a one-world government. Jews need not apply.

The political conflicts we now endure, between what’s left of the Democrat party and the real Americans taking over, can best be visualized in their choice of leadership. The Democrats  unsuccessfully hyped Keith Ellison, a known anti-Semite and supporter of radical Islam, as their party chairman. He was endorsed by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Chuckie Schumer. This is not just a battle of Republicans vs Democrats, this is a battle of good vs evil.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (05Mar17)

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