Trumps Fifth Labor of Hercules Problem…


Donald Trumps most visible task is akin to Eurystheus’ fifth labor of Hercules, cleaning the swamp muck out of the Augean stables. Trump has assumed the monumental task to defending truth and decency in communication (the Republicans won’t) against the main stream medias lust for destroying anybody not in line with Progressive Socialist dogma but especially, that usurper to the reins of power, Donald Trump! Trumps task rises far above an exercise in mere pique; it is brutal combat between two competing forces for control over who gets to say what in the arena of public ideas and be believed. If you’re keeping score, Trump is ahead.

To help Trump clean the Augean stables, or drain the swamp, means opening the stable doors and driving out the “deep state” saboteurs and Obama hold overs still lurking in there and replacing them with conservative men and women who aren’t afraid to challenge the Progressives clinging to Obamas disintegrating legacy of fundamentally changing America.

Integral to his effort to make America great again requires reinvigorating the moribund tea party’s with enthusiasm, energy and a sense of urgency. Specific among those urgent changes that need to be made is replacing GOP Representatives and Senators who fail to pursue the Party’s promise of repealing Obamacare, as well as those dragging their feet on conservative principles of less government, a strong military, reduced taxation, control of illegal immigration and eliminating the sanctuary city debacle now dividing America.

Trump is a master at feint covering his play, revealing nothing while poking his stick in the hornet’s nest of the radical left media. Daily, we see Trump in his blue suit and red or yellow tie nearly always grinning while the main stream media goes berserk wasting air time, employee salary expenses and good will, swatting at the “tweet” flies Trump launched at them the previous day. CNN, flies and stables seem to go together, don’t they?

The media continues editing out news events that reflects negatively on Progressivism such as the hundreds of daily Islamic attacks against non muslims around the world. The MSM keeps the daily horrors that are occurring on our own streets limited or out of the news completely, unless it bleeds sufficiently enough, of course, that it can’t be ignored. They say they don’t want to alarm us. But, it’s really to protect the Lefts agenda. We know that.

Should we be alarmed or not? I believe, yes, we must be because the Hun is at the door, they are coming and they are out to get us. Trump see the problems and is dealing with them while the hounds of hell still bray at his heels and our Congress still distrusts his motives. Political Correctness, the main weapon of the left, is losing it’s appeal as its principle aim is to exercise control over an increasingly unwilling America to accept the unacceptable, bear the unbearable and believe in the unimaginable. They’re running out of options and losing the arguments.

The frightening forces of the Left’s armed subjugation squads have now moved beyond the campuses and out onto the streets igniting face to face confrontations with an increasingly alarmed, yet thinning blue line. The left screams beware “right-wing extremism” when it’s the myrmidons of Left wing extremism who are assassinating police officers, shooting politicians on base ball fields, threatening internet bloggers who displease them, smashing storefront windows, burning autos and attacking pedestrians who wander into their sites. When the left runs out of ideas, they turn to their “Left-wing extremists” who always makes the news.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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