TRUMP WIN’S, What’s Next?


Opinion written by George McClellan:

What a great sigh of relief has descended over America following our country’s near disaster of entering the dark world of enfranchised socialism. Pulled back from the brink of despair by a candidate who, on the surfaced, seems ill prepared for the job, Donald Trump must be viewed in a totally different light, the light of realism.

First, he is a developer, not a politician. He is a negotiator, not an appeaser. He is a problem-solver who surrounds himself with only the very the best talent he can get to get the job done. Trump’s first danger will be the flood of Karl Rove types, bankers, international mischief makers and all the other other old guard republican movers and shakers who think they must meddle in Trumps presidency to save the old Republican party. Well,it’s Trump’s party now, the voters proved that, and the old line politicians like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, et. al., must leave, quietly if possible, but leave none the less. It’s a new era and their old ideas are no longer welcomed.

A constitutionally oriented Supreme Court and hundreds of lower Federal Judgeships soon to open, will set America’s constitutional course for decades. Obamacare, the Socialist utopian dream of mandated top down Government control over the entire population, will be replaced by workable plans at costs available to anyone who want’s it but not the onerous existing scheme that punishes those who cannot afford it.

The nest of vipers and criminals, especially the Muslim Brotherhood employees inserted into the DoS, DoJ, the IRS, EPA and especially the VA, should anticipate and prepare for long futures in prison. Eric Holders criminal plans like Fast and Furious must be re-surface and pursued to completion, if only to be fair to the many US and Mexican victims killed by Holders and Obamas’s criminality.

Trump’s cabinet must include constitutional thinkers, with displayed bulldog tenacity like Trey Gowdy as Attorney General, Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court, John Bolton as Secretary of State and Lt. Gen. (ret) Flynn as Secretary of Defense. Social engineering in our military must end. America’s warrior class must be preserved and those Admirals and Generals who have emasculated the forces by LGBT inclusion, Women infantry combat commanders and touchy-feely schemes to make men inferior, must be retired immediately.

Obamas entire stable of appointed DOJ lawyers from Loretta Lynch on down, must be gone on day one. Good and loyal politicians like Rudy Giuliani and Christ Christi must be given White House positions as Chief of Staffs, and National Security Advisors. I might even include the Republican Party’s National Chairman Reince Priebus for a White House position, possibly as political advisor. Priebus, you may recall, saw the future early and tried to bring all the GOP players together to support Trump. That is a loyalty that must be recognized.

VP Mike Pence must have an active roll in Trumps government, not merely kept around to attend funerals of foreign potentates, or become, like Uncle Joe Biden, the buffoon in residence. Pence has the negotiating and political skills Trump needs and I can see him at the front of our new trade policy negotiations. If robotics is to change the work force for manual labor, then let’s build the worlds robots in America and compete.

The markets, it was predicted will crash. No, they won’t! They will dip then with the realization of a new prosperity under America’s leadership, they will bounce back. Brexit proved that. Already foreign leaders and rallying to the potential of a Trump Presidency, except the National Socialists types. Philippine’s President Duarte immediately call the Donald and congratulated him and asked not to be forgotten in Americas future plans. China need not apply. Israel is jubilant and Egypt’s president extended feelers.

America’s foreign policy will doubtless be framed in terms of being the toughest guy on the block. The US military will be regenerated into the deadly fighting force, it has always been. But, above all, remember freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s help Trump make America Great Again.(9/11/16)


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